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CUMC Summer College Program

Posted on: June 12th, 2017

This summer, Christ United is inviting all college-aged students back for more Sunday morning fellowship! The Summer College Program is a faith-centered community for college students who have come back home for summer break but can no longer attend the youth programs. It is a chance for young people to connect as they discuss how to apply their Christian faith to the many new challenges that life throws at them beyond the influence of school, family, and grade school friends.

Each Sunday morning starting at 9:45 am in the Rec Center, attendees meet with each other in a traditional Sunday school setting. A teacher facilitates discussion but the personal topics addressed are left to the students. In the Christian environment that former youth students are familiar with, attendees help each other to answer life questions that are infinitely more complex than those they discussed in Sunday school. The topics can be emotional and difficult, but the new connections students make in this program will help them to have a sense of belonging and purpose. The goal is not just for attendees to learn about the Bible, but to inspire them to carry their faith into “the real world.”

The Summer College Program is a combined effort between Rev. Stefani Reed-Meyer, Director of Youth Programs, and Rev. Cathy Sweeney, the Adult Ministry Coordinator. Reverends Sweeney and Reed-Meyer both know that college students returning for summer vacation can often feel alone as they struggle to become the individuals they want to become. The Summer College Program offers students the chance to address that problem. “Our goal is for college students to build connections,” says Reverend Reed-Meyer. “We also want to encourage them to make their faith their own.”

No sign-up is necessary to attend the Summer College Program. College-aged students are welcome to simply show up if they are interested. They will be given a unique opportunity to bond with one another, explore their faith, and perhaps most importantly, share some free coffee and donuts!

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Cathy Sweeney at