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Sunday Morning Classes for Adults

No matter where you are in your life or spiritual journey, we have a Sunday morning class where you can connect with others and God. Check out all the different options we offer below and find a place to get involved!

8:45 am Classes


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): Study of Paul

(Nov. 26 through Dec. 17): Because of Bethlehem

Room N158
Life Stage: Older Adults
Class Size: Up to 55
Room Setup: Lecture style, with sound system to help the hearing impaired.

Description: Active “empty nesters” class very involved in the ministries of the church and in our community. Studies include the Bible, Christian living topics, current events and guest speakers. Class is taught in lecture style, with questions, answers and discussion from class always at the heart of the presentation. Class remains active in church missions, plans social events (including travel), and participates in weekend retreats twice a year. This class is comprised of both couples and singles.


Currently Studying (through Dec.17):  The Scriptures Sing of Christmas

Room N157
Life Stage: Early 50s+
Class Size: Up to 20-25
Room Set Up: Circle

Description: A warm, caring, inviting, small class that studies, reflects, and discusses how the Bible relates to our daily living. Generally use the Adult Bible Study curriculum through the year, with breaks for special seasons and summer. Visitors and new members are always welcome.

9:45 am Classes


Currently Studying (through Dec. 17):  Faithful: Christmas through the Eyes of Joseph

Room N255A
Life Stage: Middle Aged, both couples and singles.
Class Size: Under 20 people weekly
Room Set Up: Circle Style

Description: A class for dynamic discussion on a wide range of topics from a Christian perspective. We consider a variety of points of view on topics that range from biblical truths to current events and everything in between. We take turns leading the class in relevant curriculum, and bring a broad diversity of perspectives. Programming tends to study topics over a few weeks at a time instead of weekly changes. We also enjoy lots of fun social events together each year, and would gladly welcome anyone to our circle of fellowship.


Currently Studying (through Nov.19):  Creed by Adam Hamilton

Room N262
Life stage: singles and couples in their 20s and 30s. Great class for young adults; most are not yet parents.
Class Size: Growing, under 20 people weekly
Room Set up: Comfortable couches and chairs in circular format

Description: This class endeavors to fill the spiritual gap for young adults living in a period of transition by providing a space for fellowship, service, spiritual formation and connection to our larger church family. Curriculum includes book and DVD platforms, typically introducing faith-based concepts of bible study, spiritual formation, and other theological questions. The class is actively involved in small groups of our Table of Grace Community, and plans many social activities outside of Sunday Morning classes. Class actively uses technology and social media for communication and news. We’d welcome any to visit any time.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): Language and Religion

Bride’s room (behind the Sanctuary)
Life stage: All ages and stages of life, singles and couples
Class Size: 10-15 weekly
Room Set Up: Circle Style

Description: We take a new, dynamic & open-minded look at Adult Sunday School, focus on asking unique spiritual questions, exploring doubts, & sharing personal theologies & faith based traditions. Young souls, old souls, all souls are welcome to be different here together. Topics are generally selected on a weekly basis and discussed as a group.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): Majesty of the Maker by Ken Hultgren

(Nov. 26 -Dec. 17): All I Want for Christmas

Room N158
Life stage: Families in various stages of life welcome
Class Size: Under 20
Room Set Up: Circle Style

Description: The Cornerstone class offers an open, supportive environment for couples and growing families, as we face the challenges to families in today’s world. The Church provides an important foundation for helping to cope with those challenges. Our Cornerstone class is here to further facilitate the church mission at a family level. In so doing, we hope to help each other grow – making a positive impact for our families, our church and our broader community.
Programming follows a weekly scheduled discussion, planned in advance, and we share leadership and facilitating duties with willing class members. We also make time for missions and social activities, often outside of the Sunday morning class time. Once a month, we try to have lunch as a class, including families. We spend time with Family Promise and other church related missions.


Currently Studying (through Dec. 17): Pray Like Jesus by Don Underwood

Room N156
Life stage: Mostly seniors, but all adults welcome
Class Size: Approximately 30
Room Set up: Semi-circle lecture style, with sound system to facilitate those hard of hearing.

Description: Join this large and active group of seniors in a lively discussion led by outstanding teacher Ernest Horany. Class is taught mostly lecture style from pre-printed curriculum and books selected by several class members. Members generously give their time and talents to CUMC’s ministries and you will find them active in the Senior Adults 60+ activities.


Currently Studying  (through Dec. 17): Faithful: Christmas through the Eyes of Joseph

Room N257
Faith stage: Welcome to any and all adult believers at any stage in their faith journey, interested in enriching their faith through small group Bible study and discussion.
Class Size: Up to 230
Room Set Up: Circle Style

Description: Class members volunteer to facilitate various Bible-based, short-term study topics in an active group discussion format. These topics normally range for two to four weeks, so it’s easy to become involved in the material. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the teachings of the Bible so we may be guided in our individual lives today.
The diversity of our members enhances our small group discussions. We are able to dive into topics deeply and provide a comfortable setting in which all voices can be heard. We committed to mission-oriented activities outside of class and to being a church family.


Currently Studying: Nov. 12 & 19, Family Traditions; Nov. 26, Faithlink

Dec. 3 through Dec. 17: Faithful: Christmas through the Eyes of Joseph

Room N256
Life stage: Generally couples or singles with very young children (newborn to early elementary)
Class Size: Under 20, but varies due to challenges of young children schedules
Room Set Up: Circle format

Description: This dynamic, Biblically-based class seeks to study the Bible and apply its teachings to their daily lives. Since most members are parents of young children, we tend to program around family related topics. Once a month (Second Sunday), we suspend other programming to discuss what our children are learning in their curriculum. We find this helps us facilitate better conversation with our families on the home front, and helps us provide consistency for the children outside of the regular Sunday morning activity.

The class is self-led with discussion welcomed and encouraged. Our members have varied denominational backgrounds and diverse opinions that spur class discussion. We are an honest and open group, sharing the wealth of our combined experiences to make our faith journey just a little easier. We have in common our love for Jesus, for our families and our devotion to each other as friends through Christ. We welcome visitors and love to see new faces. Come as you are!


Currently Studying: Faithlink

Room N263
Life stage: Couples with primarily middle school and high school aged children.
Class Size: Under 20
Room Set Up: Circle format

Description: This adult class focuses on Bible study and how the Bible relates to current events. We plan regular social and mission events to strengthen family bonds. We are a self led class, generally programming around DVD or book based studies. Many members are also members of Men’s Chorus, and we enjoy supporting them in worship when the group sings. Join us as we grow our families closer to God.


Currently Studying (through Dec. 17): Faithful: Christmas through the Eyes of Joseph

Room N260
Life stage: 50+, older single women
Class Size: 20+
Room Set Up: U Shape Tables and chairs

Description: We enjoy Bible study by reading, reacting and implementing that which we have learned and discussed and how it relates to our lives. Our programming is generally led from pre-printed books and DVD; we enjoy everything from Adam Hamilton studies to James Moore, and we will often invite guest speakers to share their experiences and teaching with us.

We meet for dinners, movies, plays and other adventures including day travel and museums. We take care of our members, church family and community. We sit together in the 11 am Traditional Worship service, although some also attend Table of Grace. The class is actively involved in the church’s Senior Adults 60+ activities.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): Desert Mothers and Fathers

Room N154
Life stage: 50s+, mostly empty nesters
Class Size: 25+
Room Set Up: Lecture Style

Description: Visit this “forum for discussion” on Christian living topics, book studies, outstanding local speakers and Bible study. We are active in church ministries and missions and often support through our presence and donations. Our programming tends to utilize published curriculum, including publications and DVD based studies.


Currently Studying: Nov. 12, Cornhusker’s Thanksgiving

Room N259
Life stage: Middle adulthood, many with children in the youth program
Class Size: Up to 30
Room Set up: Circle Format

Description: This self-led class explores and strengthens its foundation of faith through the lessons of Christ as they apply to roles of parents, spouses, friends and neighbors. As a result, we tend to program around weekly topics for discussion on how these topics apply to our lives. We appreciate and value multiple points of view in Christ-centered discussions. Members have varied religious backgrounds and are mission and fellowship-oriented.
We are also active in missions of the church, providing donations and time to missions as the church presents them. To find our room, follow the sound of laughter!


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19):  Moses: In The Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet by Adam Hamilton

Room: N255B
Life Stage: Parents of 12 to 18 year olds. Most have middle-school age children.
Class Size: Under 20
Room Set Up: Circle Format
Description: This class is geared to helping parents of youth navigate this time in their children’s lives.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): The Reformation

(Nov. 26 through Dec. 17): Because of Bethlehem

Room N261
Life stage: Late middle aged to early Seniors, singles and couples
Class Size: 20+
Room Set Up: Circle format

Description: Koinonia is an eclectic mix of mature United Methodists who enjoy fellowship, while deepening our insight into the history of United Methodism and our church, our mission in the world and our community. We also put that insight into action by supporting the many programs of Christ United Methodist Church.

Programming varies from weekly topics to book or DVD based curriculum, lasting up to six weeks at a time. We are an active group which offers many social options to join together in friendship outside the normal Sunday morning activities.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 19): Parables

Room N258
Life stage: Late Middle aged to Seniors, mostly couples
Class Size: 25 – 30 regular attendees
Room Set Up: Semi-circle with lectern in front

Description: Our Door is Open to couples and singles in all stages of life. Our members range from 40 to 70, many with grown children. We are an active, self-led Bible study group offering plenty of opportunity for honest, open and respectful discussion on a wide range of issues important to Christians. Each week, we gather early for class brunch and snacks, which we share on table trays as we experience the planned lessons.

We are involved in various mission projects in the church and community. We meet socially twice a month for Sunday lunch/brunch and once a month for evening socials. We invite you to join us!


Currently Studying: Nov. 19, My Faith Journey; Nov. 26, Hairy and Grabby


Room N255D/B
Life stage: Married and singles with grown children
Class Size: 45+
Room Set Up: Lecture Style

Description: We are an active and friendly class that is vitally involved in church and class mission projects and ministries with the goal of making a difference. Classes include Christian living topics, book studies and real-life subjects lead by educators, experts and class members who encourage open discussion.
The class has frequent social gatherings that are well-attended. We manage the class through focus committees, which allow for more input and provide a small group setting for new ideas. PACE openly welcomes new members, and we quickly bring new members and visitors into the fold of the class, participating in as many aspects of the class as desired.


Currently Studying: Nov. 19, Gratitude; Nov. 26 through Dec. 17, Advent Lesson

Room N157
Life stage: Middle Aged to “Young” Seniors, couples and singles
Class Size: Up to 20
Room Set Up: Circle Format

Description: Our lessons include Bible and theological studies, along with examining current issues and how they relate to our faith. We frequently utilize book/DVD studies by authors such as Adam Hamilton and Max Lucado and others. We are mostly self-led and emphasize class discussion, but also have outside speakers. Mission work and social events allow us to get to know each other better as we serve God. We openly share our  joys and concerns with our class family. Visitors are always welcome.


Currently Studying (through Nov. 26): Minor Prophets

Room N253
Life stage: Singles
Class Size: 20+
Room Set Up: Circle Format

Description: We seek to provide a Christ-centered spiritual home for single adults as we travel together on the journey of faith through the joys and trials of human experience.  We do this through study, worship, service and fellowship – sharing our experience, faith and support with each other. Visit us to learn more!


Currently Studying: Adam Hamilton’s The Way

Room N155
Life stage: All women
Class Size: Under 10
Room Set Up: Meets in the resource room around conference table

Description: Women of all ages and stages of life, single or married, are invited to join Sisters for open discussion of topics relating to faith, world religions and community. Our programming is much like that of a book club; we select books from well known Christian authors (generally nonfiction) which we can use as a basis for discussion and reflection.


Currently Studying: You Are What You Love by James Edward Smith

Room M218
Life Stage: All ages and stages of life welcome
Class Size: Under 15
Room Set Up: Circle Style

Description: Did you know that God really, really really wants you to be happy? Come learn with us as we discover how to let go of things that stand in the way of what God wants for us… over the top joy! We select our books from current authors who include Christian themes in their stories and experiences. Our book studies include bible themes that help us understand and study the Bible, applying our findings to all aspects of our lives.

11:00 CLASS


Currently Studying (through December 17): Going on to Salvation: A Study of Wesleyan Beliefs by Maxine Dunham. Led by Tom Tella.

Room: N157
Life Stage: All are welcome
Room Setup: Tables and chairs

Description: This is a co-ed class of experienced students who study various themes of the Bible each semester. Persons of all ages are welcome to visit or join!


For more information or if you have questions concerning any of these Sunday school classes, please contact Cathy Sweeney.