Christ United Methodist Church
Christ United Methodist Church

Funerals and Inurnments

The Funeral Ministry of the CUMC Care Center is equipped to offer supportive services to families who need assistance during the stress that occurs at the time of a death.  We can help you with planning a funeral, memorial service, or inurnment at CUMC.

Funeral and memorial services include planning of scriptures, music, assistance with a memory table, providing a memorial book, assistance with placing an obituary in the paper and more.

Arrangements will be made for a meeting at your convenience with the minister who will be conducting the service, the Director of Music and a representative from Care Ministries. Please contact Mike Flynn at, Director of Care Ministries at 972.596.4303, Ext. 227 or Marylin Smith, Assistant Director of Care Ministries at at 972.596.4303, Ext. 228 for more information or for assistance with arrangements.

If you would like to call for an appointment to obtain more information about our funeral ministry or your options, you may do that as well.  After hours (9-5 Monday through Thursday and 9-Noon Friday), call 972.596.4303, then press “8” at the prompt.  Your call will be answered in a very timely manner.  We want to be able to serve you during this time in your life and assist you in any way we can.

When requested, a reception at CUMC before or after the funeral can be arranged for the family and their friends. This will be discussed during your meeting with church staff members.  If you would like to assist with the Funeral Ministry, please contact Marylin Smith; 972.596.4303, Ext. 228.