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Get your tools ready and come with us this summer to share the love of Christ by painting and doing repairs to roofs, porches, and wheelchair ramps. Everyone will return to CUMC knowing we made a difference.
The cost for next year’s trip is reduced if you worked during the telethon. Please contact the youth office before registering online to find out about payment plans and scholarships.

We’re headed to San Saba, Texas during the week of June 18-24 (seniors leave on June 17th) for this summer’s APPA Mission Trip.  For more information and to registration online, click APPA 2017.

Additional APPA Info and Packing List for 2017

Required Youth Forms:

CUMC Medical Release for Minors   (unless you have one on file)
Media Waiver  (unless you have one on file)
Youth Code of Conduct   (required for each trip)
Medication Authorization  (bring to check-in with meds)


Required Adult Forms:

Background Check (Adults unless you are current)
Driver’s Application (Adult drivers unless you are current)
CUMC Medical Release for Adults   (unless you have one on file)
Media Waiver  (unless you have one on file)

For more information, please contact

Giving Opportunities

Youth helping community








Youth Missions Telethon

CUMC youth are mission-minded. Our 6th – 12th graders are always aiming to serve others through the annual APPA Mission Trip, Spring Break Mission Trip, Mystery Trip service day, grade level projects, the Confirmation Service Project, and many more. Our youth have helped countless number of people in Plano, its surrounding communities, and around the world.

Did you know that the majority of youth missions are funded by the CUMC congregation? Each year, we hold a telethon in which our 9th – 12th graders call church members to ask for their financial support. All who volunteer will get a discount on their APPA trip cost!

Thank you for empowering us to serve in the name of Jesus. Your support has allowed us to do missions inside and outside of the church!

Youth Endowment Fund

CUMC Youth Missions

The CUMC Youth Missions Program plays a very important role in the overall mission outreach of CUMC. Beyond its value as a missions program, it also provides the critical engagement between our youth and their faith. Research from the Barna Group tells us that approximately 7 out of 10 teenagers will walk away from the church after graduation. A great deal of this drop-off is attributed to the failure of the church to connect the teenagers’ faith with real life and culture.

Currently, the typical youth at CUMC will have an opportunity to participate in at least 28 mission programs in the seven years between their sixth and twelfth grades. Annual fundraising from our Youth Mission Shares program contributes about half of the cost for all youth missions. The remaining half is borne by the youth and their families. Some families just can’t afford that expense. Our objective is to provide our youth staff the financial resources to make these programs available to all of our youth who wish to participate.

About the Youth Missions Endowment Fund

The Youth Missions Endowment Fund allows church members and benefactors to invest in a fund which will provide long term stability and financial resources to the Youth Missions Program at CUMC. Endowment funds will be invested as a component of the CUMC Endowment Fund but will be tracked as a unique fund and made available to support the youth missions program as required.

You Make a Difference

Here’s an example of how your donation can make a difference. For every $6,500 donated today, if allowed to grow for five years, we could support one full APPA scholarship for a deserving youth beginning in year six and continuing every year thereafter. A five year pledge of about $1,400 annually would yield the same perpetual scholarship. The youth staff would also have the flexibility to invest foundation resources in other ways they might deem best to support the goals of the Youth Missions Program.

The Youth Missions Program within Christ United Methodist Church is a vital outreach to the world and a cornerstone in the faith development of our youth. We need your help to make participation in the Youth Missions Program available to every young person in the youth ministry of Christ United Methodist Church. We respectfully request that you consider supporting the Endowment Fund, either through direct donation, or by including the Youth Mission Endowment Fund in your estate and insurance planning. We can help you make your donation in the manner and time frame of your choice.

For assistance or more information, you can contact us at