Christ United Methodist Church
Christ United Methodist Church

Read the Bible Nights – Thursday, 7:00pm

Posted on: February 13th, 2017

Do you consider yourself a bible novice?

Are you new to the faith?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten what you learned at an early age. Maybe you are getting questions from your children about the bible and don’t feel confident in your answers.

If so, consider joining us on Thursday nights at 7:00pm, just to read the bible. We read out loud, ask questions, sometimes laugh, often cry, and we talk about what a wonderful gift God has given us.

Meetings are led by Cathy Sweeney, and usually last about 1 hour, in room N155. The themes we learn are based loosely on the Disciples Bible Study program. We just take our time in the learning, and in the reading, and in the absorbing.

Come and go as you please, we are always meeting!

Currently reading: Gospel of Luke