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Savannah Internship

Posted on: September 10th, 2017

What is a Savannah Internship?  

A Savannah Internship is an experimental spiritual formation and learning experience where young adult men and women who are discerning a career in Christian ministry can gain training in a high-impact church while practicing Christian spiritual practices in a community. Bottom line – you gain practical experience working with people, processes, and programming while being invested spiritually in a positive environment and you get paid to do it!

What is provided for the Savannah interns?

Interns will have the opportunity to work at the church on ministry teams according to their gifts/interests and internship goals. Interns will have access to coaching, seminars and guidance from a spiritual director as they connect with fellow interns in the community. The interns will participate in various conferences, retreats, and meetings to fully invest in the development of their possible path. Did we mention that we pay you $200 a week!?

What is required of the interns?

Interns are asked to work 15 hours per week at the church. We work with you on the schedule… these hours can include Sunday worship, instructional opportunities and time with a spiritual director. The internship is for a semester (Sept – Dec & Jan – May) so you can take a break if you have a tough school course load or stay for another semester if you are having a ball. The nature and focus of the internship can be customized to the goals of the intern while giving the broad opportunity to explore different ministries of the church. So come ready and excited to learn and invest in the lives of people that Jesus loves…it’s a cool gig.

What is spiritual formation?

Spiritual formation are practices and habits that Christians engage in to grow in their faith. This includes reading scripture, praying, and serving those in need. The internship gives you an opportunity to learn and experiment with ancient Christian practices (lectio divina/Ignatian Examen, etc) that will nurture your relationship with Christ and sustain you as you follow Jesus. You will have the opportunity to meet with a spiritual director and develop a personal “Rule of Life.”

What is a Rule of Life?
A “Rule of Life” is a set of foundational ideas and principles by which one lives.  One of the most famous is the “Rule of Benedict”, a set of principles and rules that governed the Benedictine monks.  The “Rule of Life” followed by the Savannah interns consists of principles based on the five membership vows of the United Methodist Church—prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness (although membership in the United Methodist Church is not a requirement for the Savannah Internship).


If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out and submit the application below.


For more information, contact Reverend Chad McSwain at or call at (972)
596-4303 x 289.