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Savannah House

Posted on: April 12th, 2017
What is Savannah House? Savannah House is an experimental living and learning experience where young adults who are discerning a possible path to Christian ministry can live among similar peers in a house that is guided by a “Rule of Life”. In addition, they will gain experience and be mentored to help them along their journey.


Who may live at Savannah House? The Savannah House is open to young men or women who are over the age of 18 and are upper-class college students (Juniors or Seniors), graduate students, or recent college graduates. There are four spaces available—one House Steward and three residents. Residents are evaluated on a yearly basis and may stay one year or several based on their individual situations.


What is provided for the residents at Savannah House? Residents pay a fixed rent of $200 per month as well as their share of utilities and their own food costs. CUMC provides the remainder of the rent as well as mentoring, teaching, and ministry opportunities and experience to the residents. They will each have their own bedroom while the remainder of the house is considered common areas.


What is required of the residents who live at Savannah House? As part of the program, the residents are required to live by a “Rule of Life” in accordance with the Epworth Project of the Missional Wisdom Foundation and are asked to participate in 15 hours of internships at CUMC. The nature and focus of the internship can be tailored to the resident’s ministerial interests and strengths. The residents will participate in various conferences, retreats, and meetings that may be arranged from time to time by the Board with the input of the residents.


What is a Rule of Life? A “Rule of Life” is a set of foundational ideas and principles by which one lives. One of the most famous is the “Rule of Benedict”, a set of principles and rules that governed the Benedictine monks. The “Rule of Life” followed at Savannah House consists of principles based on the five membership vows of the United Methodist Church—prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness (although membership in the United Methodist Church is not a requirement to become a resident at Savannah House).


The Rule of Life is as follows:
  1. We will pray daily.
  2. We will use a variety of forms of prayer such as the reflective reading of Scripture and other spiritual texts, confession, the prayer of examine, intercession, journaling, and contemplation.
  1. We will practice a contemplative stance in order to be present to God, the world, and ourselves.
  2. We will be hospitable to our neighbors in our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces.
  3. We will be hospitable to our faith community through participation in our worship, fellowship, and mission.
  1. We will honor and care for the gift of the earth and its resources, practicing ecologically responsible living, striving for simplicity rather than excessive consumption.
  2. We will practice generosity in sharing our material resources within and beyond this community.
  3. We will use our spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to serve God within and beyond this community.
  1. We will serve God and neighbor out of gratitude for the love of God.
  2. We will practice mutual accountability with a covenant group within the community, for how we serve God and neighbor.
  3. We will practice regular Sabbath as a means of renewal so that we can lovingly serve God and neighbor.
  1. We will resist evil and injustice.
  2. We will pursue peace with justice.
We will share the redeeming, healing, creative love of God in word, deed, and presence as an invitation to others to experience the transforming love of God.
*If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out the Application below. Please email your resume Reverend Chad McSwain at
For more information about the internship tracks, please visit Savannah House internships.
For questions, contact Chad McSwain at or call at (972) 596-4303 x 289.