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Serving Others

At Christ United Methodist Church, serving others is second only to loving God. We invite you to share your gifts and talents with those in need and be part of this transformational ministry. The life transformed may just be your own.

Find out more about the 6 areas of ministries that we focus on by clicking on the category headings.

Six Areas of Focus for Serving Others


CUMC offers programs that help break the cycle of poverty through education and hands-on initiatives. Our goal is to offer an opportunity to all people who want to move into a sustainable quality of life for themselves and their families.

This area includes ministries such as the Employment Ministry, Project Hope, Project Next Generation, Project Transformation, Disaster Response Team (DRT), House on the Corner (HOTC), and Alternative Valentines.

Inspiring Travel

Inspiring Travel offers travel opportunities with a purpose.  All programs are open to all of our church congregation and the entire community. These trips will include spiritual, emotional and social experiences. This is a great way to visit other parts of our world while being inspired to be a better person, friend and family unit.
There are many NON-trip opportunities also.  Inspiring Travel encourages you to get involved in our health kit program, where we make kits here and our teams travel with them to another location. You can also become a prayer partner and pray for our travelers and the people we meet along with way.
If you or your family is interested in travel, travel planning, leading a trip or coordinating a health kit drive, we want to hear from you. Please email Glen Thornton for more information.
Inspiring travel includes programs such as VOLT eye glass clinics, partnership churches(Poland and Macedonia), UMCOR depot at Sager Brown, LA., APPA(Youth missions), and the travel blogs.


Our church plays a significant role in the lives of their clergy, congregants and surrounding community and an important part of those lives is health-related. CUMC can help create healthier individuals by promoting healthier lifestyles and providing support for life issues. We can also serve as a safe place where all aspects of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, social) can be discussed using the faith traditions that are important to those involved. This area includes programs such as Race for the Cure, the Assisted Living Ministry, and the Bear with Me program.


Facts about Hunger:

  1. Texas ranked #2 in the U.S. with highest percentage of “food insecure” households
  2. Collin County has 14% of its population living in “food insecure” households
  3. Strikes 925 million people each day worldwide
  4. Sixty percent of the world’s hungry are women
  5. One out of six infants are born with a low birth weight in developing countries
  6. Every five seconds, a child dies from hunger related diseases

CUMC is active in our community as well as nationwide with programs such as Souper Bowl of Caring, Thanksgiving baskets, and food drives. To get more information about ways you can help, view our Hunger page


Poverty is the condition in which a person lacks the essentials for a minimum standard of life. Poverty is powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom.

To find out what CUMC is doing to assist those in poverty in our community and world, click here.

On-Going Projects

CUMC has family as well as individual projects that you can complete at anytime including cleaning eye glasses, preparing food kits, and creating prayer shawls. Click here to get more information.

Community Resources 

We are a fortunate community to have many programs, centers and organizations providing assistance. Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) members help support these agencies listed by volunteering and giving which enable us to serve others. Because we do not have the resources to handle all requests here at our church, we rely on these programs and centers to help us manage the needs of our community.

Get Involved

To learn how you can get involved with Serving Others ministries, please contact Jana Grimone, Director of Serving Others Ministries or Melissa Wilkinson, Director of Missions and Outreach.