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Bolivia Trip Volunteers

Christ United has been working with an organization called Curamericas Global, Inc. since 1988. Curamericas provides primary health care to women and children in Bolivia and Guatemala. This program focuses primarily on reducing child and infant mortality. The organization is unique because it is community based and they measure the effectiveness of their work.  Curamericas Global projects have reduced child mortality rates by an average of 62% within six (6) years of implementation.

During the latest trip in 2009, twelve (12) Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) members, went to La Paz, Bolivia. This is the 6th team from CUMC to go to Bolivia. Curamericas Global, Inc. partners with Consejo de Salud Rural Andino (CSRA) in Bolivia. CSRA is a rural health care organization in the Andes that focuses on women of childbearing age and children. The harsh living conditions and poor infrastructure in Bolivia have made it the poorest country in South America and it was again, very obvious, the need in this area is overwhelming. Bolivia is the second poorest country in the Americas.

We have worked in El Alto, a shantytown on the outskirts above the capital city of La Paz. This work team added a room to the clinic, created a doorway in the maternity ward, added a driveway for the ambulance and added a driveway for a new entrance to the clinic. The work was extremely difficult especially at over 13,000 feet!  The Senkata clinic is extremely busy and serves over 40,000 people. Mothers with children on their backs went in and out all day long. Health care workers also go out into the surrounding area and make calls on families. Each member of our team got to go out with a health care worker for a home visit. Each of us found it very touching to see families in their own homes. The homes have no plumbing although some have electricity.

Bolivia Christ UMC  The goals of the Bolivian Mission Programs are:
  • Provide the most basic health care needs
  • Help reduce child and infant mortality
  • Help reduce mortality of pregnant women
  • Focus on the region of La Paz
  • Partner with Curamericas to help transform lives


Interesting Fact: CUMC has been in partnership with Curamericas for over 20-years.


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