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Guatemala Mission VOLT (Vision of Light Team) 

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Girl in Guatemala CUMC

CUMC’s Vision Team that started with Cameroon in Africa, has found a new opportunity to expand clinics to people globally who otherwise would not have access to medical care. Because of this expanded outreach, the team has changed its name to Vision of Light Team (VOLT). Our first project under the new name was conducted in conjunction with New Hope Ministries church, a day school and orphanage in Solola, Guatemala. This brought a vision and medical clinic to a remote region where hundreds of children have no access to eye care. Because of VOLT and New Hope Ministries, these children are able to experience God’s love in action.
The VOLT mission group saw about 100 people per day during the time they were in Guatemala. We saw the devastation in the area that the mudslides and flooding had caused.
We met wonderful people and found a lot of respect for the hard working citizens of the area.

Guatemala school VOLT

Eye exam Guatemala The optometrist performs an eye exam on a child.


It is a country with mountains and volcanoes, bright colors and harsh conditions. On average, Guatemalans were extremely patient, but very persistant. An elderly grandmother walked miles in order to get her vision tested.




Their sense of humor was always present. They showed joy for each other when a pair of glasses were found successfully.

In order to continue this great work we need your help!

To find out how you can help, through donations of money, time, supplies, used glasses or in other ways, please contact Susan Jackson or call 972-839-8169.