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Project Next Generation


Project Next Generation expands Project Hope by focusing on the youth being raised in poverty or an absence of opportunity. We hope to empower “the next generation” to break the cycle of poverty through education, motivation and opportunities to become successful in accomplishing their life goals.

The mission of Project Next Generation is to offer educational assistance to “at risk” students ages 4-18 and to help them develop necessary skills and experiences for personal success that results in a sense of HOPE for the future.

H-Helping underserved students to improve their academic performance through goal setting and mentor involvement.

O-Offering assistance to parents/guardians by giving them the tools needed to advocate for their child in an academic setting.

P-Providing underserved students with academic tools such as study, planning and organizational skills which are necessary to break the cycle of poverty through education.

E-Empowering underserved students to overcome obstacles by leaning about communication, life skills, self-management skills and social skills to ensure that all are equipped for success in life.

The journey begins with the student signing a Project Next Generation contract. In this contract the student learns aboutthe expectations of the program: meeting weekly with their mentor, staying in school, identifying and working on academic and social goals. The contract also spells out what PNG will provide the mentee in terms of tutoring, supplies needed for school, life and social skills coaching, computer training and special financial incentives.

School on Sunday-“SOS”- All students enrolled in Project Next Generation are required to attend a weekly study hall. SOS offers certified teachers from Early Childhood to High School science and math.  Our teachers teach as well as create individualized curriculum for each student.  They also provide support to all of our volunteer academic coaches as well as communicating with parents to keep them well informed of their child’s progress.  Our volunteer tutors make a full nine month commitment to teach to allow for consistent and individualized assistance for their tutee.

We are also looking for volunteers to step in to “substitute” when our weekly tutors are absent. Curriculum is provided, and the only pre-requisite is that you complete both a background check has a brief “Ministry Safe” video quiz.

Donate Lunch:

An additional volunteer opportunity that is available is to help us feed our students and tutors prior to School on Sunday.  We are needing volunteers to provide lunch for 40.  The lunch sign up can be found here soon. Lunch can be as simple as a sack lunch with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit!  We have a small budget and can reimburse you. Lunches need to be ready to serve by 1:00 pm and then we “hit the books” by 1:30 pm.

If you are interested in being part of this ministry, please contact the Project Next Generation staff person – Melissa Wilkinson at We provide orientation, training and support to all our volunteers.


You have the gifts and talents to make a positive impact on a teen’s life. We hope you will take the challenge and commit to be part of Project Next Generation.