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About the Program – For Potential Recipients

What do you want for you and your family? Do you want to gain job skills? Do you want to earn more money? Do you want to better your education? Do you want to learn about budgeting?

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Project Hope offers you an opportunity to make real changes in your family’s life. When you participate in this program, you will be working with members of Christ United Methodist Church who want to help you to move from a life of hard work in low-paying jobs to a life in which you can provide better for their family by earning more money.

There are many different learning opportunities within this program. Some take an hour of time every now and then; others may require a few hours per week. The program aims to enrich the lives of everyone in your family by improving your skills in many areas. Almost all of the programs will require your direct involvement with individuals who are dedicated to assisting you to improve your income and opportunities in the workforce and thereby enrich the life of your family.

If you want to learn about how you can be a part of Project Hope, please contact Laurie Kendig, Project Hope Program Director or click on How to Apply. If your family is selected as one of the Scholarship recipients, you and your family will have a variety of personal and family coaches who will lend you a hand as you move along the path to success.

Project Hope Scholarships –

As a Project Hope Scholarship recipient, you may receive financial aid for occupational training, college tuition, books, GED assistance, testing expenses, transportation expenses, seminars, etc.

Family/Faith Coaches –

As a participant in Project Hope, you will meet regularly with coaches that will provide support, encouragement, information, and a sense of connection. Your Family/Faith Coach will encourage you to actively participate in a faith community of your choice.

Career Coaches –

As a scholarship recipient, a Career Coach will work with you on preparing resumes, practicing job interviews, and will give tips on job searching.

Tutoring Coaches –

As a scholarship recipient, you may have the opportunity to receive individualized, direct help while enrolled in academic or occupational training. Tutoring Coaches are prepared to work with families on such subjects as math, language, writing, science, mechanics, etc.

Budget Coaches –

As a scholarship recipient, you will have the opportunity to work with a budget coach. The Budget Coaches will meet regularly with you to help you establish a workable budget, set future budgeting goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Computer Training –

Project Hope offers computer training in a small group setting as well as personalized tutoring. Classes are offered in popular topics including Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, email, and internet usage.

Project Hope Seminars –

Seminars will be offered in a group setting on topics including: budgeting, developing faith routines, maintaining your automobile, maintaining your home, developing study skills, etc.

How to Apply