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Project Hope Success Stories

Alvarez Family

Maribel and Luis

For Maribel and Luis, Project Hope is a family affair. Maribel first learned of Project Hope during a visit to their family doctor. She explains, “I realized that becoming part of Project Hope would mean our family must agree to the rules, that we would be making a commitment of our time. I also felt that if I didn’t take the step to be part of the program, I might miss the chance to study, graduate, and get a better job and succeed.”

With personal determination and support from her coaches, Maribel received her GED. She then went on to complete her Associate’s degree from Collin College. The same support has helped Luis gain the confidence needed in the workplace. He now has a better job with a good salary and benefits.

Maribel says she isn’t deterred by the commitment and meetings required by Project Hope. “I really enjoy meeting with my coaches. The time I spend with them is touching. I wish everyone was as giving as they are. I think they are doing what Jesus would do. Just like Jesus, they have made the decision to help other people. My dream is that all the people in the world would give something of themselves to make the world a better place.”



Denise is a single mom filled with a sense of purpose and overwhelming love for her two children. She believes the key to success can be found through education. Denise overcame many challenges to achieve her dream. With support from Project Hope, she graduated with a BA degree from Texas Women’s University and accepted a full time teaching position. This was no small feat for a single mom with a learning disability!

Denise believes her enrollment in Project Hope was meant to be. She states “Project Hope allowed me to focus on my education so that I could graduate. But, even more important, my coaches became my greatest cheerleaders. I have never know the feeling of having so many wonderful people be so concerned about me personally and so committed to my success.”



Precious was a young single mother when she and her young son were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane, she and her son came to Dallas but were separated from their extended family members. Eventually Precious, her son, her mother and 7 siblings were reunited while staying at a temporary shelter at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano.

Once settled into their own home in the community, Precious decided to join Project Hope. This began her journey towards a brighter future for herself and her son. While in the program, Precious earned her Certified Nurses Aid Certificate, got her driver’s license and purchased her first car.

When asked about Project Hope, Precious states “I just loved talking to my coaches so much. I would have been lost without this program. They never let me give up and I felt like I could talk to them about anything. They became like family.”