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Volunteer for Project Hope

Do you want to share your talents and skills with others? Do you have an open heart and a willingness to help those in need? Do you want to make a difference?

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“The Project Hope ministry opens the door to volunteers who want to be ‘Radical Disciples’ by being able to reach out to those in need. We are Family/Faith coaches to people right here in our own community and it has been a wonderful experience to see how sharing a little of our life with others can be so empowering.”

Les and Becky- Family/Faith Coaches

Project Hope offers you an opportunity to make real changes in a family’s life. When you volunteer in this program, you will be working with families who want to move from a life of hard work in low-paying jobs to a life in which they can provide better for their family by earning more money.

There are many different volunteer opportunities within this program. Some take an hour of time every now and then; others may require a few hours per week. Any level of commitment will make a difference in the lives of others.

If you want to learn more about how you can help with Project Hope, please contact Laurie Kendig, Director of Project Hope.

Coaching Opportunities

PH & PNG 005Family/Faith Coaches –

This coach will provide participants with support, encouragement, information, and a sense of connection. The Family/Faith Coach encourages the family to actively participate in a faith community of their choice. They also offer a supportive, mentoring relationship while meeting regularly with their assigned family.

Career Coach –

A career coach will work with participants on preparing resumes, practicing interviews, and developing job searching skills.

Tutoring Coaches –

A Tutoring Coach will give individualized, direct help to participants while they are enrolled in academic or occupational training. Tutoring coaches are prepared to work with families on such subjects as math, language, writing, science, etc.

Budget Coaches –

A Budget Coach will meet regularly with the family to help them establish a workable budget. Budget coaches will also work with families to establish short term, intermediate, and long term budget goals. The Budget Coach will work with the family towards achieving those goals.

Other Ways to Support Project Hope

Project Hope Seminar Presenters –

Seminars are offered in a group setting on topics such as budgeting, developing faith routines, automobile maintenance, home maintenance, developing study skills, etc. Volunteers can present, assist with presentation, help with set up, be greeters, or provide refreshments for the seminars.

Project Hope Adopt-A-Family –

You can contribute financially to the program. A family must be selected to be a Project Hope Scholarship Recipient. If they are selected, they may receive financial aid for occupational training, college tuition, books, GED assistance, testing expenses, transportation expenses, seminars, etc.

Project Hope Celebration Committee –

Assist with planning and organizing Project Hope family celebrations, meetings or seminars. You may provide refreshments, help with set up, or greet at these events.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

What is coaching?

The program defines coaching as supporting an individual or family in achieving their goals.

What type of structure is available to support the success of the families?

  1. Each family signs a contract that stipulates goals for specific areas such as education, career, faith and other goals determined by the family.
  2. If the family doesn’t work towards or comply with the contract goals, the family will no longer receive the services of the program.

What are the responsibilities of a Family Coach?

  1. The family coach meets with participants weekly or bi-weekly for approximately one hour.
  2. Assist the participants in determining their goals.
  3. At the weekly meeting, the coach and participant review the progress the participant has made toward achieving her/his goals.
  4. Acknowledge the participants for the progress that she/he has made and to determine what additional actions are next.

What are the responsibilities of a Budget Coach?

Budget Coach and family will determine the family’s financial goals.

What is the time commitment for Family or Budget Coach?

  1. The time commitment of a family coach consists of meeting with the family each week until a family budget can be established. Once the budget is established, you will meet with your family twice per month. The meetings are for approximately an hour. Periodically, you may have brief phone conversations with your family.
  2. If you and the family choose to engage more frequently, you may do so.
  3. We ask that coaches commit to coaching a family for at least one year.

Where do I meet with my participant?

Many of the teams meet at the church, while others meet at locations such as a restaurant, a library or coffee shop closer to work or home.

Is there any type of training or support?

The Director of Project Hope and members of the Project Hope leadership team provide the training and support.

How do I know if I am qualified to be a coach?

If you have desire to support families in creating a better future and/or if you want to make a difference in the life of a family, you can be a coach.

What circumstance would hold me back from volunteering with Project Hope?

Any significant criminal history can prevent you from being a coach.

What happens if my participant and I are not a good match?

 When that occurs, the director will reassign you another participant or volunteer assignment.

How are the participants chosen?

  1. Each family makes a formal application to the program.
  2. The family is interviewed by the Director of Project Hope
  3. Before a family is admitted to the program, a background check is performed on each adult family member.
  4. After the director understands the family and it needs, they finalize the “Contract for Success” and then match the family with the coach that best meets the family’s needs.

How are participants assigned to a coach?

Project Hope staff make assignments based on talents, skills, and needs of the coaches and Project Hope family.

What does a “Project Hope Family” consist of?

 A family may consist of a husband and wife, a single individual with a family or can even be a single individual.
If you need more information, contact Laurie Kendig, Director of Project Hope,  via email or by calling (972) 596-4303 x 224.