Christ United Methodist Church
Christ United Methodist Church

VOLT (Vision of Light) Eye Glass clinics


VOLT meets the third Monday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm in room N156. We’ll be talking about plans for the next mission trip and how you can get involved with this ministry.



Who are we?

A vision mission team with the hope to create a community-wide change by providing humanitarian services through God’s love.  We bring eye care to people at home and around the world who otherwise would not have access to eye care facilities.

What do we do?

Provide vision screening, glasses, and treat certain minor eye diseases in an attempt to restore hope and to help provide a better quality of life to those with poor vision.  The team also provides Christian education programs to those being served as the projects allow.  The VOLT team will also provide other items such as clothing, books, or medical supplies if they are determined to be needed.

How can you help?

Volunteer your time to help process donated glasses, or participate in one of our mission trips either locally or internationally.   Local volunteer work would involve cleaning glasses, and/or repairing them.  Scanning them for prescription strength and entering them into a computerized inventory system.  Training will be provided by team members.  You can also support our ongoing VOLT missions by providing donated eye glasses, financial gifts, and prayers.



Cameroon Eye Clinic Mission – Ongoing Support


After two successful mission trips by our international vision mission team to Africa, we have established a local vision team in Cameroon, complete with their own ophthalmologist, Dr. Aboutu.  This is a huge success made possible by the generous donations that allowed us to provide vision equipment and the training provided by member, Dr. Mindy Surdacki, during our missions trips.  This now allows the medical mission team in Cameroon to perform vision screening and eye glasses to people year-round so they can provide for their families, attend school or just enjoy reding the Bible, but also helps provide malaria nets and AIDS/HIV education, which is critical in this region of the world.  CUMC has saved lives, served others and shown God’s love to people a world away.
Glasses and monetary donations are accepted for this mission.  Please specify whether checks are for VOLT, in general, or for VOLT Cameroon mission.  Thank you!