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Fitness Classes 50% OFF!

Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) Sports & Rec Center (SRC) offers a wide range of fitness classes for the body, mind and soul to keep the temple of God in perfect working order. All of the fitness classes offered through CUMC Sports are God-centered and always incorporate a time of prayer and devotion.

Online registration is done via MyCUMC. You will need a user name and password. Online registration requires payment using a credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Credit card payments are protected using SSL and VeriSign.

Refunds are not available after the first day of class/play. Cancellations made prior to the start of the session by credit card will be refunded minus 4 % applicable fees. Payments made by check or cash will be refunded by check.

We do not pro-rate our classes, but do offer a half price discount after 6 weeks of class. Feel free to try any class once, free of charge, to determine if it meets your needs.

SPECIAL PAYMENT OPTION NOTICE: If you choose to only take one day of a two-day-per-week class, we have created a way for you to do that by simply checking which day you would like to attend in the payment section. Your credit card will be charged for that day of the week only.

All programs are open to the community — membership to CUMC or the Sports & Rec Center is not required.

All of our fitness classes run in consecutive sessions throughout the year; however, you may join a class anytime! The Beginner Tap dance class follows the Plano ISD calendar.

We strongly suggest that you check with your physician before beginning any form of exercise.


Fall-2017 50% Off

Class dates: November 6 – December 15, 2017

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Yoga Classes

Beginner YogaMondays
9-10 am$30
Beginner YogaMondays10:30-Noon This class is FULL.$35
Beginner YogaMondays7:15-8:15 pm $30
Beginner YogaWednesdays9:15 - 10:45 am
This class is FULL
Beginner YogaThursdays7:00-8:15 pm $35
Beginner YogaTuesdays12-1 pm $30
Chair YogaWednesdays11:15-12:15 pm This class is FULL.$30
Chair YogaFridays11 am-Noon$30
Gentle YogaMondays and Thursdays 11:30 am-12:30 pm$60 ($30 for one day a week)
Intermediate YogaMondays6-7 pm$30
Intermediate YogaTuesdays7:30-8:45 pm$35
Intermediate YogaFridays9:00-10:30am $35
Joint Freeing Chair YogaThursdays 10-11:30 am $35
Mixed Levels YogaTuesdays 9:15-10:45 am $35
Mixed Levels YogaTuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:30 pm $60 ($30 for one day a week)
Mixed Levels YogaWednesdays6-7 pm$30
Yin YogaFridays9:00-10:30 am $35

Fitness Classes

Core and ToneWednesdays 9-10 am $30
PilatesTuesdays6:30-7:30 pm$30

Free Classes

Active Older AdultsMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays9:25 – 10:35 amFree
No registration required
Adult Beginner TapTuesdays 1:00-1:45 pm Free but please register
Adult Beginner Tap "Plus" NEW CLASSTuesdays 2:00-2:45 pm Free but please register
Karate - ages 10 and upSaturdays 10 am-Noon
Free but please register.
Tai ChiWednesdays 7-8 pmFree but please register.
Fit For Good Boot CampMondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays6-7 amNo Fee.
No registration required.
Must be member of S&R

Class Descriptions

YOGA Classes


Yoga is designed to relieve stress, improve balance, strength, flexibility and boost the immune system. The Sports & Rec Center offers Hatha Yoga, control of the body and mind. Each session focuses on learning basic yoga poses and progressing toward stringing postures together. Our Yoga program offers beginner, mixed levels, and intermediate level classes to meet your needs.

Chair Yoga

A yoga class especially for those who, due to age, health issues, injury, weight challenges or limited balance or mobility can find it difficult to get down on the floor. Now a chair becomes your mat! Just about any pose that can be done standing, sitting or laying on a mat can be adapted to sitting on a chair. Everyone, beginner to advanced, is accommodated as each pose is presented in multiple levels of flexibility. The class includes breathing, stretching, strengthening, relaxation and fun – all while sitting on a chair.

If this is your first time trying Chair Yoga, we offer three chair classes. Each one is a tiny bit different from the others.  Please feel free to try each of them before you sign up. The classes on Wednesday and Fridays are limited to 15 students each.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga embraces moment-to-moment mindfulness through fluid breath. It incorporates gentle physical postures, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation. This class is especially good for anyone who needs a less active yoga practice.

Joint Freeing Chair Yoga

This class is designed to work every single joint in the body. Instead of getting on and off the floor, you will use a chair as your base. This special yoga class is great for cancer and heart patients and especially for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis or other physically-limiting ailments.

Mixed Levels Yoga

These Yoga classes are designed to accommodate anyone who wants to take a Yoga class…from beginner to more experienced. You will learn both basic and advanced poses that will help you learn how to breath, stretch, and relax.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow paced class that focuses on gently stretching and rehabilitating the connective tissues that form our joints. It is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body; it is the flexibility of the joints, of the connective tissue. Just as teeth are realigned with braces, likewise the tissues that form our joints can be safely and desirably “exercised” by gently stretching them in Yin Yoga poses. To combat the natural aging process of tightening through the lower body and weakening through the upper body, Yin Yoga emphasizes stretching the connective tissues in the lower body while emphasizing muscular strength in the upper body. Yin Yoga encourages the use of props and is safe for all ages and fitness levels. 


Core and Tone

Experience a total body workout. The class consists of exercises to stabilize and strengthen the core muscles (back, hips, glutes and abdominal muscles), sculpt upper and lower body muscles with hand weights and stretch the body to improve flexibility. There will be an emphasis on proper alignment for safe and effective results. All levels of experience welcome. Modifications of all exercises will be given if needed. If possible, bring a mat or blanket and a bottle of water.


Pilates is a non-impact, non-weight bearing system of physical conditioning that focuses on body placement and increasing awareness of the body’s capabilities and untapped resources. Pilates makes bodies fit and strong by slimming the muscles and making them longer and leaner. Pilates works the abdomen, lower back and hips to make it a more firm, central support system for your body. You will need a mat, water and towel.


Active Older Adults

This class is designed for older adults (AGE 55 AND UP), combining low impact aerobics with stretching and toning. Chairs are available for anyone who might need to sit for some of the activities. Equipment including hand weights, mats, and towels are provided for this class. This class is ongoing. No fee or pre-registration is required. 

Adult Beginner Tap

Two classes are offered for tappers:

  1. Beginner Tap is designed for adults who want to learn how to tap dance or who have not taken tap in quite a while.
  2. Beginner Tap “Plus” is for those who know tap basics, have taken tap for a while, and want more of a challenge.
Tap shoes are recommended, but not necessary. You may purchase a pair at a discount at Sandy’s II located at the corner of Independence and Parker. Just mention that you are a member of CUMC to receive your discount.
September 5, 2017 – May 22, 2018   Tuesdays taught by Jean Belcher


CUMC member Rick Wiedeman has taught Okinawan karate since 1994. He leads a class that is both authentic and good-natured, emphasizing basics, forms, and self-defense with no competitive sparring. The only equipment required is a plain white karate-gi (uniform). For ages 10 and up. This class meets on Saturdays in the Sports & Rec Center.   

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient fitness technique regarded as one of the best forms of exercise for older adults. It is great for balance and it’s free! 

Fit For Good Boot Camp

Fit For Good Boot Camp is a supportive group of friends that gathers three times a week every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 6:00 am to 7:00 am in the Sports & Rec Center gym. This group is core member led, adaptable for all levels of fitness, and includes both weights and cardio exercises. There is no fee to participate but you must be a member of the Sports & Rec Center.  Fit For Good does collect donations quarterly to support various church and community ministries. If you are looking for purpose in exercise besides the obvious health benefits and want a supportive group of friends for accountability, join Fit For Good.  Contact Ronnie Thomson at (214)725-3347 with any questions.

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