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Posted on: June 1st, 2017

A Ministry of Serving Others

The major focus of Serving Others at Christ United Methodist Church is providing innovative, meaningful, and transformative programming to children and families who are at risk and living an impoverished life with an absence of opportunity. These programs bring hope to those in need and meaningful service for those volunteering.

In the past four years, over 125 volunteers have used their gifts and talents by participating in the following programs.

• Project Hope is a successful program that transforms the lives of its adult participants and their families by gaining training and education. The program focuses on Family, Faith, Education, Career, Budget, Health and Personal Issues. It works primarily with the adults in the home. The journey begins when the family signs a Project Hope Contract with the Project Hope Case Manager.

• Project Next Generation expands Project Hope by focusing on the youth (students 4-18 years of age) in each family. The program motivates youth to make good choices, combines mentoring/coaching, exposes students to opportunity, utilizes contract/incentives, and empowers “the next generation” to lift themselves out of poverty through hard work and determination.

For more information on Project Hope and Project Next Generation, visit our website at

• School on Sunday (SOS)- All students enrolled in Project Next Generation are required to attend a weekly study hall. SOS offers certified teachers from Early Childhood through High School Physics/Calculus. Our certified teachers teach as well as create individualized curriculum for each student. Our teachers also provide support to all of our volunteer academic coaches as well as communicate with parents to keep them well informed of their child’s progress. Our volunteer tutors make a full 9 month commitment to teach to allow for consistent and individualized assistance for their tutee.

• Quincy’s Quest- CUMC currently has a partnership with two Plano ISD schools where mentors provide one-on-one mentoring at the school. CUMC QQ volunteer coordinators provide training and screening for the mentors and on-going support throughout the school year for the mentor and act as a liaison between the school and church. School counselors and teachers select the students who are in need of these services and then mentors are matched with their student at the beginning of the year. When possible, student and mentor continue the relationship for multiple years.

For more information about SOS and Quincy’s Quest, you can email Melissa Wilkinson at

• Confident Kids Club: (Ages 4-5). Meets once a week for 45 minutes. Preschool age-appropriate group lessons focus on social skills necessary for successful transition to Kindergarten. These include: active listening, recognizing emotions, self-control and coping skills, avoiding conflicts, empathy and respecting others.

• Confident Kids Summer Camp: (Ages 5-7) A 4-day summer camp. The curriculum is modified from the above for slightly older age group. Most of these children will be diagnosed with AHDH and/or Autism and need skills that are vital to succeed academically.

For more information about Confident Kids, you may contact Laurie Kendig at

We believe that it is paramount to intervene at a younger age so transformation can begin as soon as possible. Recent studies have shown that by age 25, children who received Social Emotional Learning Counseling not only did better academically, but also showed lower rates of arrests, fewer mental health issues, and have less substance abuse issues.
For any questions regarding any of these programs, contact Jana Grimone, Director of Serving Others at CUMC at or 972-596-4303 .