APPA Mission Trip

Join us for worship every night virtually Monday through Friday at 7 PM. Zoom link can be found here (Meeting ID: 828 1178 0196 – Passcode: cumcyouth).
Any youth are welcome to join no matter if able to be a part of our work week!

Join our High School Youth this summer as we share the love of Christ by painting and doing repairs to roofs, porches, and wheelchair ramps. This is a great trip for High School students to serve others, build relationships, and draw near to Christ. It will be the highlight of your summer!

We are currently re-assessing our APPA – High School Mission Experience 2020 plans. We will work towards a modified local version the week of July 27th.



For more information, please contact Rev. Paul Maletic. Scholarships, Youth Telethon discounts, and payments plans are available. Forms are available here.

Giving Opportunities

Youth Missions Telethon

Christ United Youth are mission-minded. Our 6th-12th graders are always aiming to serve others through the annual APPA Mission Trip, Spring Break Mission Trip, Mystery Trip service day, grade level projects, the Confirmation Service Project and many more. Our youth have helped countless number of people in Plano, its surrounding communities and around the world.

Did you know that the majority of youth missions are funded by the Christ United congregation? Each spring, we hold a telethon in which our 9th-12th graders call church members to ask for their financial support. All youth who volunteer will get a discount on their APPA trip cost!

Thank you for empowering us to serve in the name of Jesus. Your support has allowed us to do missions inside and outside of the church!