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Boy Scout Troop 261

Boy Scout Troop 261 is part of the Golden Arrow District, Circle Ten Council, and Boy Scouts of America.

As their Chartering Organization, Christ United is excited to host and support these great scouts!

Meetings are Monday evenings, from 7:30PM to approximately 9:00PM.

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Troop History
Troop 261 was first chartered by Christ United Methodist Church in 1975. The Troop has a long history of helping youth develop into the leaders of tomorrow. To date, over 150 scouts have competed their Eagle Scout Rank (the highest rank in the Boy Scout program).

Troop Philosophy
The Troop operates in a very informal and family friendly format. The Troop has no annual fundraising projects. Troop activities are funded by the scouts that attend them on more of a pay as you go scenario. Parents and siblings are encouraged to come with us whenever they can. We try to involve these siblings in our activities whenever possible, however sometimes the families must be ready to provide alternate activities. Another difference between Troop 261 and others is how the new scouts are added in with the rest of the scouts. New scouts spend their first 6 months in ‘new scout patrols’. These patrols consist of several new scouts and several experienced scouts. The experienced scouts have attended Oak Leaf leadership training and fill the role of Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, and Quartermaster. After 6 months, the new scouts are blended into the troop patrols at large with one or two other friends that joined with them. We feel this is the most successful way to blend new scouts into the program.

Troop Leadership
As with all Boy Scout Troops, the adult leadership is managed by our Committee Chairman and the youth program is led by the Scoutmaster. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful and very dedicated long term Scoutmaster – Roger London

Troop Contact:
Roger London | Scoutmaster