Don’s Column

The Gift

“D. D., please turn some music on.” The plea came from my eight-year old grandson, Benjamin, within two minutes of picking him up from school. The seventy-one year old news junkie driving the truck was, as usual, fixated on the non-stop hysteria emanating from the Sirius cable news stations. There was a mix of impeachment […]

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Save Us a Place

(This column is about Dr. Chuck Blonien, a committed Christ United member and friend to all animals. It is reprinted from my book THE LONG VIEW) There is a veterinarian in our church who practices a rather touching protocol when he is called upon to euthanize a dog. A friend wrote to tell me that […]

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Cold Fronts

We have yet to see what I consider a real cold front in north Texas this year. It has been a long and hot September, and October hasn’t been any better. Average highs have generally been in the mid-90’s, and rain has been scarce. Ordinarily, we would have seen one or two cold fronts by […]

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Things That Last

I dropped a pair of boots off to be polished yesterday, and I guess I was in a sentimental mood. “Paul,” I said, “how long have you been polishing my boots?” The two of us reminisced for a while, and finally concluded that our professional and personal relationship is at least a quarter century old. […]

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Rules For Creating A Saner Planet

° Always, always wave when you meet someone in the alley, no matter the circumstances. ° When you pass someone on the sidewalk or in the grocery store parking lot, always speak to them, even if they are looking down or away. ° If your check-out clerk is wearing a name badge (they usually are), […]

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Eighteen Years Later

On September 16th, 2001, something remarkable happened. It was the Sunday after 9/11, and it was one of the most memorable days in my 48 years of ministry. It followed an extraordinary five days in which our skies had been empty, and our hearts had been overflowing with sorrow. Our minds had been singularly focused […]

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The Hurricane

I talked with my friend Cashar Evans last night. He has lived in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on the Outer Banks, since 1972. During that time, he has lived through twenty-two tropical storms and hurricanes. He evacuated twice, both times for monster storms. The rest he sat out. He is as experienced as anybody I […]

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Changing Prepositions

I have been paying attention lately to the way I pray, and I have a confession. Most of the time when I pray, I am asking God to do something for me. Oh, I disguise it cleverly. Most of the time, I even manage to hide it from myself. After all, I pray for lots […]

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In early August, right before my annual pilgrimage to the Davis Mountains, I bought a new pair of sunglasses with outstanding optics and polarized lenses. I was shocked to discover how much better I could see with them. I was reminded of a trout fishing expedition in New Mexico a number of years ago. My […]

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Surviving Life

Driving back from Ft. Davis a couple of weeks ago, my grandson Liam and I passed a horrible wreck on Interstate 20 in which the entire car was engulfed in flames. We could tell that the driver’s side door was open, and this led to speculation about whether the occupant(s) of the vehicle had survived. […]

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