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CDC Individual and Class Pictures – March 20-22

Diana Busch Photography will be taking our 2018-2019 class and individual school pictures March 20-22. If there are siblings enrolled at CDC, they will get their pictures taken individually and together. Refer to the dates below for your child’s class and individual picture day. Please be at school on time on your child’s picture day(s) to help us stay on schedule and have time to finish all groups before lunch and nap time. We will send home a flyer with a picture of the backdrop in March, before the picture days. A couple of weeks after pictures are taken, proofs will be sent home with order forms.


Wednesday, March 20 – Ducks MW, Elephants MWF, Camels MW, Butterflies MWF, Alligators MWF, Kangaroos MWF, Hippos MWF

Thursday, March 21 – Ducks TTh, Elephants TTh, Camels TTh, Butterflies TTh, Alligators TTh, Kangaroos TTh, , Iguanas TTh, Hippos TTh, Flamingos

Friday, March 22 – Ducks F, Camels F, Iguanas MWF, Giraffes

If your child attends on a different combination of days, he/she may have multiple picture days. Please let your child’s teachers know what day you would like his/her individual picture taken.