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Cold Fronts

We have yet to see what I consider a real cold front in north Texas this year. It has been a long and hot September, and October hasn’t been any better. Average highs have generally been in the mid-90’s, and rain has been scarce. Ordinarily, we would have seen one or two cold fronts by now, but we’ve only had a day or two when the wind shifted briefly to the north, and with little effect. Hot and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico has been the rule so far.

Supposedly, that is about to change. The meteorological prognosticators are promising that the weekend will bring lows in the 50’s (down from the 70’s), and a pretty good chance of rain. North winds at this time of the year will clear out the smog. The rain will tamp down the pollen, hopefully leaving post-storm crystal blue skies and putting everyone in a better mood. I am eager to feel a little chill in the air.

The irony of this is not lost on me. In a month or two any mention of “cold front” will bring to mind the thought of “blue norther.” Experienced Texans know that our winter cold fronts can bring winds that cut like a knife, and I will surely be complaining about the prediction of cold weather, and the possibility of feeding cows in what is, by our standards, bitterly cold temperatures. Unless the kids get some snow, there is little to celebrate when it comes to cold fronts in north Texas. But for the moment, I am eager to feel a little chill in the air.

My wife Bobby has, through the years, made a pointed comment about my obsession with the weather: “You stick to sales and let God take care of management.” She is, of course, absolutely right. Jesus said something similar in Matthew 6 when he said, “Do not worry about tomorrow…today’s trouble is enough for today.” Whether we are speaking of the cold fronts that sweep onto our landscape, or the cold and bitter moments that are brought on by illness or bad news, the most important thing we can do is to live in the present moment and celebrate whatever joy it brings. It is easier to do so knowing that we can trust God to give us what we really need – our daily bread – one day at a time.