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This Sunday we will be partaking in communion at home together. Here is how to prepare for service.

Step 1 : Set out some bread and a cup.

As we take Communion at home, this bread, or crackers, or rolls, will be prayed for by our pastors and broken by you and your family! But just like our last time participating in home-communion, treat this bread as something special – as it represents the love of God for you. The cup, and whatever you fill it with should be treated just the same!

Step 2 : Pray with us.
Step 3 : Pass the bread.

When instructed, as a part of the service, break your bread and eat. Remember when communion is done, we never toss it in the trash or pour it down the sink. If you don’t finish it, “return it to the earth” by pouring out the cup in the grass and leaving the bread for animals to eat!