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At Christ United, we hold Confirmation for 7th grade students and older every January through April. Each Confirmation season, we start with a Kick-Off event, hold 10-13 classes, provide a Service Project opportunity, and end with a concluding worship celebration. Students need not be baptized to attend confirmation, but will in fact have the opportunity, if not previously, to become baptized during our concluding worship celebration.

Students should expect to meet with their Confirmation class every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM or Friday evening at 7 PM on a weekly basis. We believe Confirmation is a vital part of our students’ faith journey and a priority should be placed on these meetings. We do ask that students do not miss more than 2 Confirmation activities which include Sunday morning (or Friday evening) classes and the Confirmation service project. We also offer a Sunday morning concurred class for parents to take to both answer their own questions about faith and our church, as well as to learn alongside their students.

Should you have any questions regarding classes, please contact Rev. Paul Maletic. We love helping students come to a place where they can confirm, accept, and better understand their faith in God!

2022 Confirmation will Kick-off January 21st