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Monday Morning Women’s Group to study Embodied Light

The Monday Morning Women’s Bible Study will begin a study of Melissa Tidwell’s Embodied Light: Advent Reflections on the Incarnation starting November 5 at 9:45 am. The group meets in room N255 each Monday, and will not meet the week of Thanksgiving.

From the Amazon summary of the study:

“Why do we celebrate Christmas? Why was Jesus born? What does Jesus’ birth have to do with my life?

Embodied Light invites you to ponder our Creator’s daring adventure of becoming human and coming to earth to live among us.

During this 4-week study, you will explore the meaning of incarnation—the miracle of our Creator choosing to become human and live among us. The Incarnation also says something to us about our own lives, about what being human means.

Using scripture, prayer, and daily reflections, Embodied Light leads you to think about how to follow the fully human, fully divine Jesus with your whole self—mind, spirit, and body.”