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2019 LPYC High School Choir Tour – July 13-20

The LPYC High School Choir (9th-12th) will travel to the Rocky Mountains on July 13-20, 2019 for their annual choir tour.  This group will be singing in retirement homes, children’s center, Boy’s and Girls Clubs, Homeless shelters, and other venues in Amarillo and throughout Colorado.

The total of cost of the trip is $475 which includes lodging, transportation, activities, a tour t-shirt, and most meals.  The student will be responsible for paying for approximately 3 meals on their own, and any additional money they want to spend on souvenirs and snacks.  Payments are due in three installments, with the first payment of $175 due at registration, the second payment of $150 due on April 28 and the third/final payment of $150 due on June 9.

Mandatory rehearsals will be: Sunday, June 30 from 4-6, Sunday July 7 from 4-6 and Monday through Friday July 8-12 from 6:00-8:00pm.

Contact Traci McHenry if you need an extended payment plan, financial assistance or have any questions or need further information.

Online registration is now closed!

HS Tour form packet

HS Itinerary, Packing List and Things to know