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Invitation to the New Testament begins Oct 14

Are you new to the bible? Maybe doubt that you know ‘enough’ to join a bible study on a regular basis? This class might be for you!

The United Methodist Church has long advocated the DISCIPLES programming. While the program itself is rewarding, the time commitment is simply too much for some people. That’s where the ‘Invitation’ series takes over.

This class, set to start on Oct 14, from 5-630pm, and led by Rusty Kennington, will include 8 weekly lessons focused on Jesus’ calling to us:

  1. Into God’s Redemption Story
  2. Jesus Calls Us to a Transformed Life
  3. Jesus Calls Us to Minister to a Hostile World
  4. Jesus Calls Us to Complex Communities of Faith
  5. Jesus Calls Us to Serve One Another
  6. Jesus Calls Us to a New Relationship With Tradition
  7. Jesus Calls Us to Live in Light of His Coming Again
  8. Jesus Calls Us to Experience the Gifts of His Dying and Rising

You can learn more about the class by reading online summaries: http://bit.ly/2QptciJ


Registering will also order your book for you.