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For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. – Romans 12:4-5

I can be accused of saying every Sunday is my favorite, but I am really looking forward to this Sunday because it is Belong Sunday! Belong Sunday is about two things: celebrating as one worshiping community and getting you connected to other people. As many of us know personally, loneliness and social isolation is more pervasive than its ever been. We often feel connected because of our “on-demand” lives with our phones and social media, yet our lives lack deep “ride or die” friendships that we desperately need.

In his new book called, People Fuel, Dr. John Townsend argues that we need relational nutrients just as much as bio-nutrients. He points out that we need different types of relationships to stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. These relationships all have different functions in our life, such as a coach to help us continue to grow, or our colleagues that are part of our work life. But the relationships that we need the most are what he calls your Life-Team. In his work as a counselor and executive coach, this is the group he finds most people are nutrient deficient in. His observations have shown that most of us just don’t have a Life-Team of 3-10 people who know everything about us and love us anyway.

In other words, we need healthy, deep relationships in order to live the transformed lives God is calling us to live. For us to live the grace and truth of God we need friendships. That’s why Belong is not just a nice event, but it is something that is central to what we are doing as a church. We want all people to know that they Belong to God and to the body of Christ.

To do this we are inviting you to the celebration! For the first time in the history of our church, we are combining our Table of Grace service with our Sanctuary services. You can join us for worship at 8:45, 9:45 and 11am in the sanctuary. The celebration continues after worship along our atrium and into Trinity Hall as we showcase all the great groups, ministries and teams we have to offer here at Christ United. There will be games, snacks and lots of special surprises. All of this is meant to help you get connected to a group or team that will transform your life and perhaps end up becoming Life-Team kind of friendships.

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