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Little Big Things

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. – Luke 16:10

One morning as I was heading into work up at the church offices, I found my parking brake was stuck on my car. I was immediately flooded with thoughts of, “how much will this cost” and “I’m going to be late for work.” Brandi and I had just moved to Texas, where I was serving as a youth pastor at the time. Money was tight and our second child was on the way. This just wasn’t a good time for a car to break down – though it never is. I called my pastor to tell him I would be late and he offered to loan me his extra truck (only in Texas would you have this kind of generosity and an extra truck). I drove the truck for a couple of weeks, not really sure how I was going to fix my car, until a member of the church called one day. He wanted to get more involved, but all he knew how to do was fix cars. The person who talked to him offered my car as his first project. That man fixed my car and even paid for the $100 part.

I will always remember these acts of generosity. Even if they seem like little things, it was the help I needed right when I needed it most. I was reminded of this story when I visited our Men’s Service Group this past weekend. The Men’s Service Group is one of Christ United’s longest running ministries with the simple mission of helping our church and community members with small home repairs. Men volunteer one Saturday morning a month to serve a client by changing light bulbs, replacing air filters and even fixing leaky faucets. While they might seem like little things, they are often the help people need when they need it the most. As the men shared stories of why they serve, I was particularly touched by one comment. One of the guys said, “We are able to help some of our older members stay in their home longer than they normally could on their own.”

I think that is what it means to be trusted with the little things. We do this when we express our love for God by loving our neighbor as best as we can. That may mean changing light bulbs on a Saturday morning or taking a leap of faith and offering the only skill you have to serve God. It is amazing to see how God works when we all come together. God has entrusted each of us with “little things” such as time, talents, resources, relationships and a willingness to say “yes” to God. May you say “yes” to God this week and notice how God works through you to bless the life of another person at the moment they need it most.