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Pat Messick: Thank You for 40 Years of Music

In 1978, I moved to Dallas from Montgomery, AL. I had just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music from Huntingdon College. I was pursuing the Master of Sacred Music Degree Perkins School of Theology at SMU. I knew my life would change, but I had no idea the change would be so life-changing! The first Sunday I worshipped in the original Christ United worship space on Glencliff. The church was in its fifth year. Someone turned to me and said, “You should join our choir.” I don’t remember who said it, but it was such a prophetic remark. After service, the staff parish committee took me to Braums for my lunch interview. That evening, they offered me the position as Director of Music Ministries. After a few days discerning, I said yes to Fred Kandeler, the founding and senior pastor at that time. 

I’ve been lucky and blessed to be led by God to become a part of this wonderful congregation. I give thanks for the opportunity I’ve had to plan and lead worship for almost 2,000 Sundays – all the hymns, anthems and great music making of all kinds.

I recall with such fondness the 25 years I worked with our children’s choirs.  Children are a special joy, especially when they perform musicals. As I taught these fantastic children, I grew closer to their families. I watched those children grow into youth and for 30 years, I directed the youth choir. I enjoyed planning choir tours, directing musicals, the great “Godspell” performances, and much more. I’ve now seen many of these dear “youth” become adults. Many are parents with children who are now in a choir here. One big family, all blessings.

My greatest thanks and appreciation goes to the Sanctuary Choir past and present. A handful  who were at the first rehearsal I led still sing with us. Their devotion, dedication, support, generosity and love have meant the world to me. They’ve made me who I am today. They celebrate with me this 40th anniversary.  This talented group has given me the opportunity to direct major choral works by famous composers alongside professional orchestras. We have shared many concerts and musical productions. This remarkable church has given me such incredible opportunities to praise and glorify God.

Lastly, I thank the congregation for 40 years of support, encouragement, singing and worshipping together. I give thanks to God who led me here and gave me such a sacred and divine opportunity.  In this 40th year, I am filled with an extreme sense of gratitude and wonderful feeling of satisfaction and joy as I look back over this incredible life I have shared with you all.