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Rules For Creating A Saner Planet

° Always, always wave when you meet someone in the alley, no matter the circumstances.

° When you pass someone on the sidewalk or in the grocery store parking lot, always speak to them, even if they are looking down or away.

° If your check-out clerk is wearing a name badge (they usually are), always thank them by name.

° When you pass a construction worker whose only job is to stop you or wave you through a construction zone, always wave or nod. You will make their job a little less boring.

° If you pass a homeless person, always smile and look them in the eyes. Even if you don’t give them money, give them the gift of recognition that they are a child of God.

° When someone cuts you off in traffic, avoid the temptation to honk at them just because you are irritated.

° Every now and then tip 25%, especially if you get good service from someone working in a modestly priced restaurant or café.

° Remember all those other rules you learned in kindergarten, and be especially careful to follow them if your children or grandchildren are with you. The future of the planet depends on what they learn from us.

° Remember that the world is never going to be what you want it to be. Other people are never going to be who you want them to be. You only have control over who you can be. Be your best.

Rev. Don Underwood