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Searching for Sunday – Begins Oct 23

The Tuesday Night Women’s Bible Study will begin a discussion of the book, “Searching for Sunday,” on Oct 23. The group meets in room N154 on Tuesday Nights, from 6:30 – 8pm.

“Searching for Sunday,” Rachel Held Evans’ memoir published in 2015, shares questions about the importance of church. From Amazon’s review and book summary:

“Like millions of her millennial peers, Rachel Held Evans didn’t want to go to church anymore. The hypocrisy, the politics, the gargantuan building budgets, the scandals–church culture seemed so far removed from Jesus. Yet, despite her cynicism and misgivings, something kept drawing her back to Church. And so she set out on a journey to understand Church and to find her place in it.

Centered around seven sacraments, Evans’ quest takes readers through a liturgical year with stories about baptism, communion, confirmation, confession, marriage, vocation, and death that are funny, heartbreaking, and sharply honest.

A memoir about making do and taking risks, about the messiness of community and the power of grace, Searching for Sunday is about overcoming cynicism to find hope and, somewhere in between, Church.”