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Outer Space Movie Night


We’re feeling a little sad in our house that it’s the last movie night. The girls have their own thoughts on how we should continue it. They really want us to do some sort of dog theme or animal theme. Don’t be surprised if you see a random movie night pop up on my personal page. 🙂

In traditional this week, our last Summer Blockbuster Sermon will be on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It is rated PG and it’s on Netflix so we decided to let the girls watch it. Lyla (6) thought she would be scared of E.T. at first, but she ended up falling in love with him at the end as we all do. Nora (3) ended up getting bored and watching PJ Masks in our bedroom. Oh, three-year-olds.

If your family isn’t ready for E.T., here are some other Outer Space Movie Night options:

  • Wall-E (Disney+)
  • Monsters vs. Aliens
  • Space Jams (For all The Last Dance fans)
  1.  Movie Tickets: Get your tickets for your magical movie night!

  2. Food Labels: Out of this world food was our theme! We enjoyed grabbing a few treats we wouldn’t normally have. Our Pinterest board has a ton of ideas! I only did about half of the food labels, so don’t feel pressure to do them all.
      • Planetary Pizza: Pizza, duh
      • E.T.’s Candy: Reese’s Pieces, obviously
      • Rocket Fuel: Pick your favorite drink!
      • Saturn’s Rings: Peach Ring Candies (Funyuns, Onion Rings, Ring Pops, Donuts)
      • Moon Rocks: Blueberries (Donut Holes, M&Ms, Popcorn, Grapes, Skittles)
      • Intergalactic Cupcakes: Funfetti with Space Blue Vanilla Frosting
      • Astronaut Food: Applesauce, popsicle sticks, or any squeeze pouches
      • Venus Veggies: Salad or mixed veggies
      • Moon Cheese: Babybel or your favorite cheese!
      • Big Dippers: Find your favorite dip to go with your veggies
      • Martian Munchies: Use your imagination – could be green candy
      • Rockets: Fruit Sticks or Crescent Roll Hot Dogs
      • Flying Saucers: Pancakes, Cookies or Hamburgers
      • Neptune’s Nachos: Make a Nacho Bar!
      • Edible Constellations: Check out these cool make your own pretzel and marshmallow’s constellations

  3. Crafts: Space Cutouts to color, Space Stickers to decorate, and DIY Paper Plate UFO

  4. Activities:

    I Spy Alien Sheets and Outer Space Word Searches

  5. Games:

    Alien Charades and Alien Alphabet Game

    I hope these movie nights brought you and your family a little bit of joy and fun during a summer that isn’t quite like any summer we’ve ever had.

Please join us live this Sunday, August 2 at 8:45, 9;45 or 11 AM for our last Blockbuster Sermon Series!