Summit Leadership

SUMMIT Leadership is a fun and exciting program for youth in Grades 8-12. This program helps you get the most out of your life by getting you moving. You’ll work in teams and with a personal adult mentor to learn the habits that will make you successful in high school, college and life!

Skills you will learn:

  • Taking responsibility for your life and shaping it to be what you want.
  • Creating a vision for your life and taking the steps to achieve it.
  • Knowing what’s important to you and doing those things first.
  • Believing there’s plenty of success for all of us if we work together.
  • Tuning into others and really listening to them.
  • Achieving more in teams by working powerfully with others.
  • Caring for and renewing your mind, body, and spirit every day.

Did we mention, it’s fun! No sitting still being bored. We learn and use each new habit by getting hands-on, working on exciting challenges in teams of students and adults.

You will have your own mentor. Successful people have mentors in their lives who know them and help them. You will, too! During the month, you will meet one on one with your own personal adult mentor to talk, not just about the habits, but also what’s going on in your life in general. They will encourage you, coach you and they might even help you with your field work from the session.

The best investments are those made early and SUMMIT is a chance for you to invest in your future by developing tools you can use right now!

Invite a friend! Deadline for the awesome Summit t-shirts is September 4.