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The Bible in 50 Days

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We hope you will join Rev. Chris Dowd as he continues to lead us on a unique tour of the Bible. In this class, we will work our way through the Bible together as Rev. Chris presents each book in context, in summary, and in one hour.

Bring your Bible so you can follow along. If you don’t have a Bible, Chris recommends the NRSV Wesley Study Bible.

From Rev. Chris Dowd on the purpose of this study:

“To provide a high-level survey of the Bible over a two year period (with a break over the summer).We will begin by talking about the differences among various translations, and by outlining the way Methodists approach scripture.Each week will alternate between books of the Old and New Testaments, and will provide a theme takeaway verse to help guide our spiritual journeys.”  

For questions, please email raegan@cumc.com.