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The Chronological Jesus Class

We often lift similar scriptures from the four Gospels to help advance a particular theme such as humility, forgiveness or loving your neighbor.  We also tend to cluster the messages of the parables and the miracles together. At Christmas we love to read the story about the birth of Jesus and at Easter we listen with attention to the details of the death and Resurrection of our savior. While the above approach is a tested and true look at Jesus, it tends to focus more on the deity of Christ as opposed to his humanity.

The approach in the Chronological Jesus class is to simply read all gospel accounts as they actually occurred time wise.

When we take this approach many new perspectives appear. We not only see the evolution of Jesus’ ministry but we also see the evolution of the Apostles and all of Jesus’ followers. We get to walk in the shoes of all of the above and in doing so we discover habits, tendencies and of course questions that we never had before. Yet there is no new material here, it is the same set of Gospels that we’ve always had but we are exposed to so much more because we simply follow the whole story from beginning to end.

There are no prerequisites for Chronological Jesus, the class is FREE, the textbook is the Bible, and it occurs on Sundays from 4-6 PM in room N158. First class is September 9, 2018 and continues weekly until approximately the first week in May.

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See what past Students have said about Chronological Jesus:

“This is a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED Bible Study if you want to further your spiritual journey in understanding the scriptures, Jesus and the disciples.” LM

“I can promise you that a commitment to take this class will change your life.  You will learn things about the life, service and sacrifice of Jesus that will take you to a new level in your faith and will therefore greatly enrich your life.” MDG