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A Message of Welcome from Don Underwood

We have been clear for many years that Christ United believes and practices “OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, OPEN DOORS.” This includes members of the LGBTQ community, whom we have always embraced as members of our congregation and on our staff. We’ve been excited and joyful with LGBTQ families as we celebrated the baptism of their children. We welcome any and all people who wish to worship with us, no matter their religion, race, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

While it is true that harmful things were said and done at the St. Louis General Conference, it is important to embrace the Wesleyan belief that we can live together in unity and love without agreeing on all matters. I will not indulge in rhetoric that shames or blames those who, in good conscience, opposed or voted against the One Church Plan, which I supported.

One of our favorite hymns at Christ United is Mark Miller’s “Draw The Circle Wide.” A circle cannot be drawn wide in only one direction. We will continue to proclaim that every person is a child of God, and refrain from making statements that can be interpreted as judgmental or divisive.

My thanks to every member of our congregation for the remarkable and Christ-like way that you welcome and include everyone. And that means everyone!

Don Underwood