Christ United Staff

To contact a staff member please call (972) 596-4303, followed by their extension, or email them directly by clicking on their email address. For general questions or information, you can also fill out the form on our Contact Us page and a staff member will get back to you shortly.


Rev. Chris Dowd

Associate Senior Minister

Rev. Dr. Alyce M. McKenzie


Rev. Mike Flynn

Director of Care Ministries

Rev. Stefani Reed-Meyer

Associate Pastor of Youth

Rev. Paige Christian

Associate Pastor | Princeton Campus

Rev. Chad McSwain

Associate Pastor | Table of Grace

Rev. Don Underwood

Senior Minister

Children’s Ministry + CDC Preschool

Meredith McBride

Director and Children's + Family Ministries

Lisa Riazi

Assistant Director + Special Angels Coordinator

Tonnie Chaney

Assistant Director of the Children's Discovery Center

Casey Erdmann

Director of the Children's Discovery Center

Laura Zastrow

Nursery Coordinator + Children's Admin

Youth Ministry

Brady McQueeney

Youth Ministry Assistant Director

Debbie Dobbs

Youth Ministry Admin

Rev. Stefani Reed-Meyer

Associate Pastor of Youth

Adult Ministry

Jill Sims

Adult Programming Coordinator

Sarah-Michelle Laddusaw

Adult Programming Associate and Library Director

Care Ministry

Amy Wilson

Congregational Care Assistant

Marylin Smith

Assistant Director of Care Ministry

Rev. Mike Flynn

Director of Care Ministries


Betsy Crawford

Project Hope Case Manager

Laurie Kendig

Director of Project Hope and Counseling Services

Melissa Wilkinson

Academic and Community Outreach Coordinator

Jana Grimone

Director of Serving Others Ministry


Traci McHenry

Music Administrative Assistant

Sonda Stokes

Children's Choir Coordinator

Bart Ghent

Associate Director of Music, Organist

Joe Nidever

Associate Director of Music, Youth Choirs

Sports & Rec

Josh Beasley

Director of Sports & Recreation

Administration + Operations Staff

Amy Enns

Graphic Designer

Rita Ward

Information Desk

Charlotte Popelarski

Pastoral Secretary

Valerie Cohen

Wedding Coordinator

Ashley Hall

Digital Content Manager

Elisha Moaning

Graphic Design Manager

Ben Chamness

Director of Media

Kristin Steed

Director of Communications

Lisa Booth

Director of Hospitality

Angie Rosowski

Welcoming and Engagement Coordinator

Kim Hill

Director of Operations

Brenda Dunai

Director of Finance

Roland Keys

Director of Facilities