1:31 – A Special Needs Community

1:31 | Sundays | 9:45 AM 

Our name is inspired from Genesis 1:31 where God saw everything that God had made and said it was very good. As a church family, we work diligently to eliminate any obstacles that may prevent families from participating in the programs offered at Christ United. Through our 1:31 Special Needs Community, we seek to provide Sunday morning classes that are safe, nurturing, and enjoyable for ALL children during the Sunday School hour starting at 9:45 AM.

We have members of all ages! We serve preschoolers to adults. Our members show us that wheelchairs are not obstacles to playing in God’s house, that communication disorders do not prevent us from talking to God, and that learning differences do not keep us from being students of the Lord. They constantly remind us of their unique abilities and we seek to support and encourage them each Sunday morning. Our goal is to have both you and your child enjoy your time at Christ United, so please join us this Sunday!

Questions? Email Kristin Steed.