Sundays | 11 AM

Our nursery provides care for children from newborn up to four years of age on Sunday mornings for each hour of worship. We offer a welcoming, nurturing, and safe place for your child. We want your child to feel welcome and loved while learning of God’s grace. Our goal is to have both you and your child enjoy your time at Christ United.


First Time?

We are so excited for you to join us! The nursery classrooms are located near the North Entrance of the main building. Please ask for directions at our Welcome Center if you have any difficulty! Our nursery provides care for children from Infant – Age 4 for each hour of worship.

COVID-19 – Revised Guidelines & Protocols

Due to COVID-19, we have revised guidelines and protocols to follow when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). Please take a minute to read the information below.

  • Temperature Check – Nursery Parents will bring their child(ren) to the Nursery Entrance. Your child(ren)’s temperature will be taken just inside the Nursery Entrance doors. Any child with a temperature of 99 or higher will not be allowed into the nursery rooms.
  • Masks – Following the church policy, masks are recommended, but not required, for age-appropriate children. (Children ages 3 & up are required to wear masks) All nursery workers will always wear a mask.
  • Drop Off – After the temperature check, only one parent will be allowed into the nursery wing to drop off their child(ren). A staff member will record attendance and a nursery worker will sanitize the child(ren)’s hands and take them to their nursery room. Parents may not go beyond the Nursery Entrance doors.
  • Diapers – All children must arrive with a newly changed, clean, dry diaper.
  • Diaper Bags/Backpacks – will not be allowed in the rooms. The Nursery will provide diapers/wipes for changing, if needed.
  • Feedings/Snacks –Snacks will not be served to snack age children.
    • Children will be allowed to bring a labeled sippy cup filled with water.
    • Following our COVID safety protocol, we will not be able to bottle feed children while in the nursery.
  • Pacifiers – will be allowed if securely clipped to the child’s clothing.
  • Infants – Please bring infants in their car seat. If the infant can remain happy in their car seat it will limit contact.
  • Classrooms – Parents may not enter classrooms.
  • Pick up – Parents will pick-up at Nursery Entrance doors.


Before proceeding nursery drop-off, please check-in at the computer located outside the nursery wing. You will receive three name badges – place one sticker on your child’s back, give another sticker to the teacher to keep in the classroom, keep the third sticker with you. You will need to show this sticker to the teacher at pick-up time.

Our Nursery Team

On Sunday mornings, both paid staff and volunteers care for your children. Each worker has completed a background check and received necessary training, including CPR and basic first aid.

If you are interested in working or volunteering with our nursery team, please contact Lisa Riazi

Emergency Notifications

The nursery staff is encouraged to text/call parents only when necessary. Please keep your cellphone with you and on vibrate. If you are contacted, please come to your child’s room as quickly as possible. In the event of fire or evacuation, children will be escorted to the northeast corner of the parking lot.


The welfare of the children under our care is our first priority. If your child becomes ill, you will be notified immediately. Please refrain from bringing your child if he or she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: diarrhea, vomiting, fever, rash, or virus. Children who have seen a physician and/or taken antibiotics for 48 hours will be admitted at the discretion of the nursery director. Please understand that any decision regarding an ill child is made to provide a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for all children, volunteers, and staff members.

Childcare for Other Events

Special event childcare is available by reservation 48 hours in advance with a 4 child minimum. Please contact Lisa Riazi, at (972) 596-4303 for reservations.


Our goal is to provide your child with a loving and safe Christian atmosphere. From time to time, concerns do arise. Please inform us of any problems so they may be addressed immediately. If we can assist you in any way, please contact Lisa Riazi.