Philosophy and Curriculum

Children’s Discovery Center Philosophy

At Children’s Discovery Center, we make learning fun. Our goal is for each child to develop a healthy, positive feeling about themselves and develop a love for learning at school. As a ministry of Christ United, CDC also believes that each child is a child of God and should have the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential.

We place emphasis on the needs of individual children to promote their development of self- confidence and independence. Our curriculum includes hands-on learning experiences with children of the same age that are designed to reach each child’s learning style.

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their brain development, CDC aims to foster that development while also keeping your child entertained. We hope your child can join us this school year!

Children’s Discovery Center Curriculum

The CDC uses Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum as our learning foundation. This is a developmentally appropriate curriculum framework that enhances the quality experiences, learning opportunities and goals children have been offered at CDC for so many years.

Young children learn best through active, hands-on experiences. In other words, children learn by doing. Play is something we focus on in our curriculum as it provides the foundation for academic learning. Our goal is to help children become independent learners. They are encouraged to think for themselves, make decisions, develop problem-solving skills and communicate their ideas.