Assisted Living Ministry

Our Mission

The mission of the CUMC Assisted Living Ministry is to honor the residents of nursing homes, memory care facilities, private care homes and assisted living centers and to reflect the love of God toward them and their caregivers. Since 2002, volunteers in this ministry have brought the church to those who are in facilities and can no longer visit the church. This has been done through one-on-one visits, weekly worship services including monthly communion, sing-a-longs, parties, Bible studies, prayer groups, arts and crafts, entertainment, flower delivery and much more.

There is an opportunity for every person and every group in the church to be a part of this ministry. Could you or your Sunday School class bring your favorite church activity to someone who can no longer come to church? Ask the Forum, PACE or Footloose Sunday School class how they do it or come visit a service to see what is involved. Think of what your gifts are and how others could enjoy them.

Remember the song that begins, “I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together”? CUMC has identified four areas of emphasis for us as a church: to bring others to Christ, to care for one another, to care for our community and to grow in our spiritual journey. You can do all of these in the Assisted Living Ministry.

Additional Needs:

  • Mend clothing and sew buttons periodically.
  • Donate small items for the home’s store.
  • Help with weekend games and activities.
  • Participate in a men’s group.
  • Polish ladies’ nails.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Kay McGowan at 972-596-7186.