Assisted Living Ministry

Current research has indicated the reality in our society of loneliness/social isolation and the unravelling of communities that hold us together and keep us healthy.  This situation points to the crucial role of the church in addressing the “epidemic of loneliness.”

As a result, every church in America, regardless of theology or denomination, should be increasing its efforts to reach, engage, and involve the millions of people whose lives are more isolated or empty.

To this end, as part of the Christ United Care Ministry, the mission of Assisted Living Ministry is to share the love of God and for one another with church members and neighbors who are residents of a “continuum of care” in our community.

Opportunities to serve:

  • Sing-along’s/piano players
  • Bingo/games
  • Bible studies
  • Floral arrangement deliveries
  • Assisting with devotional teams
  • Worship leaders
  • Serving on steering committee

To view a Christmas video that the Assisted Living Ministry team created for our friends, click here.

How to Volunteer

We have several volunteer opportunities where you can join other members at any of the residences we currently serve. To volunteer for any of these activities, request additional information on how you can help start a service at another residence, or ask any questions at all please submit an email here. Please include any contact information for prospective residences.

Download our Assisted Living Ministry Calendar 2020 to learn about Volunteer Opportunities



Contact – Rusty Reynolds at 214-232-0758. For other opportunities to serve, visit the Serving Others page.