Adult Sunday Morning Classes

No matter where you are in your life or spiritual journey, we have an adult Sunday morning class where you can connect with others and God. Check out all the different options we offer below and find a place to get involved!





Room N262 | This class is intended as a gathering and discussion group of parents with young children (not yet youth age).

Class Setup: Semi-circle for discussion

Currently Studying: Five Love Languages

Open to visitors and those who want to build a new community of encouragement, learning, and friendship amongst other young parents. Don’t worry that your schedule might seem too busy – come when you can, get on the list, and participate in socials and other missions for families.



Room N157 | Couples and Singles in Various Life Stages

Class Setup: Circle style with up to 20 people weekly

Currently Studying (through May 19): The Faith of a Mockingbird

The Cornerstone class offers an open, supportive environment for couples and growing families as we face family challenges in today’s world. The Church provides an important foundation for helping to cope with those challenges. Our Cornerstone class is here to further facilitate the church mission at a family level. In so doing, we hope to help each other grow – making a positive impact for our families, our church and our broader community.

Programming follows a weekly scheduled discussion that is planned in advance. We also share leadership and facilitating duties with class members who are willing to help. We make time for missions, such as Family Promise and other church missions, as well social activities often outside of the Sunday morning class time. Once a month, we plan to have lunch as a class, including families.


Room N256 | Couples or singles with very young children (Newborn to early elementary)

Class Setup: Circle format with up to 20 people weekly

Currently Studying (through May 5): Creed by Adam Hamilton

This dynamic, Biblically-based class seeks to study the Bible and apply its teachings to their daily lives. Since most members are parents of young children, we tend to program around family related topics. Once a month (Second Sunday), we suspend other programming to discuss what our children are learning in their curriculum. We find this helps us facilitate better conversation with our families on the home front and helps us provide consistency for the children outside of the regular Sunday morning activity.

The class is self-led where discussion is welcomed and encouraged. Our members have varied denominational backgrounds and diverse opinions that spur class discussion. We are an honest and open group, sharing the wealth of our combined experiences to make our faith journey just a little easier. Our class shares a love for Jesus, for our families and for each other as friends through Christ. We welcome guests and love to see new faces. Come as you are!



Room N263 | Couples and singles with primarily middle school and high school aged children

Class Setup: Circle format with up to 20 people weekly

Currently Studying: Weekly topics

This adult class focuses on Bible study and how the Bible relates to current events. We plan regular social and mission events to strengthen family bonds. We are a self led class, generally programmed around DVD or book based studies. Many members are also members of Men’s Chorus and we enjoy supporting them in worship when the group sings. Join us as we grow our families closer to God.


Room N259 | Middle adulthood, many with children in the youth program and college

Class Setup: Circle Format with up to 15 weekly

This self-led class explores and strengthens its foundation of faith through the lessons of Christ as they apply to roles of parents, spouses, friends and neighbors. As a result, we tend to program around weekly topics for discussion on how these topics apply to our lives. We appreciate and value multiple points of view in Christ-centered discussions. Members have varied religious backgrounds and are mission and fellowship-oriented.

We are also active in missions of the church, providing donations and time to missions as the church presents them. To find our room, follow the sound of laughter!