Weddings at Christ United are a dream come true! Our services and space combine physical beauty with spiritual sanctity. Christ United provides several different venue opportunities for brides and grooms-to-be:

1. A formal sanctuary setting with vibrant stained-glass windows

2. A small, intimate service in our chapel

3. A small, intimate outdoor service in either our Children’s garden or courtyard

We believe marriage is a covenant relationship that mirrors God’s covenant relationship with all of humanity. Therefore, the marriage service is one of the most sacred and beautiful of all services of the church. It is a worship service in which two people in the company of their loved ones and friends pledge themselves to each other under the blessing of God and are united in Christian marriage. Please make preparations with this in mind.

Our ministers, worship commission, trustees, and congregation hope your wedding is a memorable, beautiful, and meaningful event. For more information about weddings at Christ United, contact Brittany Isbell or call (972)596-4303.