Weekly News

At Christ United, we offer weekly newsletters that will keep you in the know about news in our Christ United community while also providing an opportunity for you to refocus your faith during the week. We hope that you will connect with us!

Weekly Update

Wednesdays | 3 PM
Stay up to date with everything happening this week at Christ United. Our Weekly Snapshot gives you the rundown of all the important events, updates, and registration deadlines.


Chris’ Commentary 

Thursdays | 3 PM
This inspiring and thought-provoking commentary by Rev. Chris Dowd is a great mid-week reminder of the power of faith in our everyday lives.


Modern Worship News

Fridays | 2 PM
As a prelude to Sundays, Rev. Stefani Reed-Meyer provides a weekly devotional and update on upcoming events and activities for Modern Worship.


Children’s Ministry Newsletter

Fridays, twice a month | 9:30 AM
Keep up to date on children’s activities and events here at Christ United by joining this bi-monthly newsletter. Children’s Director, Meredith McBride provides everything you need to know about our kids’ events, along with info about Sunday School and ministry opportunities.


Adult Ministry Newsletter

Fridays | 12 PM
All you need to know as an adult here at Christ United! From upcoming classes to events, this has what you need to know.


Youth Ministry E-News

Fridays | 2 PM
Our youth are super active and always up to something fun. Check out what is going on and get inspired as we do community together.