Children’s Discovery Center


In 1975 a Mother’s Day Out program was developed at Christ United Methodist Church at Glencliff. Sue Robertson was the program Director. In 1976, the church made a bold and profoundly successful move in establishing a preschool, the Children’s Discovery Center. Glenda Meyers and Carolyn Bond were the first Directors of the preschool. They were instrumental with their vision to develop a program that would allow children to grow, learn, and flourish in a nurturing Christian environment. The preschool opened its doors in March of 1976 with 50 children.

Today, 45 years later, we have grown and developed into a well-respected and highly sought out program in Plano area, with over 30 teachers and 140 students. Not only have our values remained the same but we have grown by offering a play-based concept with a music class, sacred circle, and chapel. We take much pride knowing that our students have opportunities to develop their love for Jesus Christ every day they attend school.

Research has shown that young children learn best through active, hands-on experiences. In other words, children learn by doing. Play is something we focus on in our curriculum as it provides the foundation for academic learning. Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, enthusiastic and inquisitive learners. They are encouraged to think for themselves, make decisions, develop problem-solving skills and communicate their ideas.

    • Infants + 1 Year Olds
    • 2 Year Olds
    • 3 Year Olds
    • 4 Year Olds + Transitional Kindergarten

More Information and Tour Scheduling

We will have a table out with forms for registration information; it will be outside our main double doors.

We would love to give you a personal tour of our facilities. Email Denise Stavely to schedule a meeting.  Our Preschool is located at the South Entrance of Christ United.

For more information about our school and curriculum contact Denise Stavely.

Registration for the 24′ – 25′ School Year is now live.