Join us for an evening of entertainment provided by our own, Bart Ghent. Bart will be presenting hymns and gospel favorites with other musicians from Christ UMC. This will include organ/piano duets and soloists with organ accompaniment as well as organ solos. We will continue our organ series, as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of our Reuter Pipe Organ. We will stream this event live, and have a bulletin for download, and online viewing, so that you can follow along with Bart.


This concert will be available for later viewing on our Vimeo page, and on our Facebook Page.

For more information, contact Bart Ghent.


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The Reuter Company was selected to build our pipe organ because of the sound and capability of their instruments, their availability to meet our time schedule, their competitive price, and their company’s reputation for quality and service. All Reuter organs are custom made to specification. Reuter fabricates most organ components, including pipes, in their factory.

The organ was dedicated in September of 2010 with Olivier Latry from the Cathedral de Notre Dame in Paris as the organist. Other organists featured in concerts have been: Bradley Welch, Dong-ill Shin, Hector Guzman, Christopher Houlihan, Isabelle Demers, Scott Montgomery, and Nathan Laube. The organ also leads our congregation in worship during each Sunday traditional service.

A recording of the organ by Scott Montgomery, ORGANO PLANO (Music for A Joyous Occasion) is available on the Raven label or contact Traci McHenry. The organ has also been featured on the syndicated PIPE DREAMS public radio broadcast.

Organ Components

16′ Violone8′ Diapason 16′ Lieblich Gedeckt (1-24°) 16′ Salicional 16′ Salicional (Choir) 32′ Violone (1-12°)
8′ Major Diapason (Solo) 8′ Geigen 8′ Principal 8′ Major Diapason 32′ Bourdon°
8′ Bourdon/td> 8′ Viola da Gamba 8′ Salicional 8′ Cello 16′ Open Wood°
8′ Violone 8′ Viox Celeste (CC) 8′ Voix Celeste (GG) 8′ Cello Celeste (CC) 16′ Principal
8′ Harmonic Flute 8′ Flute Dolce° 8′ Dulciana 8′ Doppel Flute 16′ Subbass
4′ Octave 8′ Flute Celeste° 8′ Celeste (GG) 4′ Major Octave 16′ Violone (Great)
4′ Koppelflute 8′ Rohrflute 8′ Gedeckt V Grand Cornet* 16′ Salicional (Choir)
2 2/3′ Twelfth 4′ Spitz Principal 8′ Open Flute* 16′ Tuba (tc) 16′ Lieblich Gedeckt (Swell)
2′ Fifteenth 4′ Spire Flute 4′ Octave 16′ Trompette en Chamade(Great) 10 2/3′ Quint°
1 3/5′ SeventeenthIII Cornet* 4′ Lieblich Gedeckt 4′ Harmonic Flute 8′ Tuba 8′ Octave
III-V Mixture 2 2/3′ Nazard 2 2/3′ Quint 8′ Clarinet 8′ Bass Flute
III Sharp Mixture 2′ Doublette 2′ Super Octave 8′ English Horn 8′ Open Flute (Choir)
16′ Double Trumpet 2′ Piccolo 1 3/5′ Terz 8′ French Horn 8′ Violone (Great)
8′ Trumpet 1 3/5′ Tierce 1 1/3 Larigot 8′ Fagotto (Choir) 8′ Salicional (Choir)
8′ Trompette en Chamade IV-V Plein Jeu 1 1/7′ Septieme 8′ Trompette en Chamade 8′ Gedeckt (Swell)
8′ Tuba (Solo) 16′ Bombarde III-IV Mixture (Great) 4′ Choral Bass
8′ French Horn (Solo) 8′ Trumpet 16′ Fagotto 8′ Chimes (Choir) 4′ Flute
8′ Clarinet (Solo) 8′ Oboe 8′ Fagotto 8′ Harp (Choir) IV Mixture*
4′ Clarion 8′ Vox Humana° 8′ Cromorne 4′ Celesta (Choir) 32′ Posaune (1-12°)
Chimes (Choir) 8′ Trompette en Chamade 16′ Trompette en Chamade Tremulant 32′ Fagotto°
Tremulant (Great) (Great) MIDI 16′ Posaune
Tremulant (Solo) 4′ Clarion 8′ Trompette en Chamade Nightingale 16′ Double Trumpet (Great)
Cymbelstern 8′ Harp (Choir) (Great) 16′ Bombarde (Swell)
MIDI Tremulant 8′ Tuba (Solo) 16′ Fagotto (Choir)
°=preparation with digital voice MIDI 8′ English Horn (Solo) 8′ Posaune
*=console preparation 8′ Harp° 8′ Trompette en Charmade
4′ Celeste° (Great)
Chimes° 8′ Tuba (Solo)
Tremulant 8′ Bombarde (Swell)
MIDI 8′ Clarinet (Solo)
8′ Fagotto (Choir)
4′ Clarion Bartique
4′ Clarinet (Solo)