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Agree to Disagree: with Angie and Lisa

Content Warning: This episode shares personal stories about guns and abuse.

Masks, politics, and parties – oh my! This week we are talking about having good conversations and being in relationship with those who we disagree with. We are so happy to have two of the most fun staff members at Christ United with us on this episode, Angie Rosowski and Lisa Riazi, to chat about the tougher parts of quarantine and the social friction that comes along with it. On the Quarantine Podcast we seek out advice, guidance, and inspiration to help us make it through this strange season, just one day at a time. Hosted by Ashley Danner, our short series hopes to offer helpful advice, honest stories and a laugh or two. If you ever have any follow-up questions, please reach out to Ashley, ashley@cumc.com, and she will either get you the answers you seek, or direct you to a helpful resource.