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Dooley Elementary Christmas Market

Calling all Christ United Christmas Elves:


Christ United’s Footloose Sunday School is teaming up with Dooley Elementary to provide a Christmas Market where students are able to shop and wrap gifts for their families.  The 372 students of Dooley have been diligently saving the “Dooley Dollars” they have earned for being excellent students and good citizens.  We are collecting new gift items that perhaps you would like to re-gift, as well as any items you might have from the Dollar Tree, etc. 

We are particularly short on gifts for dads and brothers.  Some examples of things people have donated to date:  socks, mugs, new books, small Christmas decorations. Please know the sky is the limit and we are grateful for any donations you may have. Please feel free to leave your gifts at the Welcome Desk and we will pick them up. If you have questions, feel free to contact any member of Footloose or email Missy@cumc.com

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with the Christmas store by working two hour shifts on December 17-19.  Come shop with these students or help them wrap  gifts for their loved ones.  



Join us as we help to make this a memorable and fun Christmas for the students of Dooley Elementary.  

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