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The Enneagram Classes

What is the Enneagram?

According to Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert in The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective, the Enneagram is a powerful, ancient wisdom tool that has roots as far back as the early monasticism of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. An oral tradition and practice that has continued into the 21st century, it is a way for Christians to grow closer to God and a means for finding a deeper, more authentic relationship with God.
As a pathway back to our true selves – the selves God created us to be – it is a practice and a tool for learning more about individual motivations, increasing awareness of the workings of personality, and discovering ways to enhance balance and wholeness in our lives.

Upcoming Classes

Sept 29 | Sundays at 3PM | N154

The Enneagram Journey is a twelve-week curriculum created by Enneagram expert Suzanne Stabile (a Dallas-based United Methodist) that invites you into a modern spiritual practice of self-examination. Throughout the course, the group will watch and discuss Suzanne’s teachings on DVD, and you will complete a workbook to help you discern your own number. You will learn about the nine numbers, their motivations – not just their characteristics – their blind spots and strengths, and more. This is a great way to learn more about, and grow in compassion toward, both yourself and others.

Cost: workbook price TBD


Contact Sarah-Michelle with any questions.

Sept 1 | 4pm | Room N154

After you know your Enneagram number, how do you use it…..

• As a spiritual practice to deepen your relationship with God and other people
• To begin unveiling your true self, or essence, so that you can become more like the person God made you to be
• To begin recognizing that the personality or behavior that you wear like a mask may be a barrier to becoming your most holy self

Join others who have identified their Enneagram number and are eager to take steps in continuing Enneagram work. At each of these unique sessions, you will leave with several suggestions that work for you.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sept 29 | 2pm | Room N154
  • Oct 27 | 2pm | Room N154
  • Dec 1 | 2pm | Room N154

Contact Sarah-Michelle with any questions.